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This Sunday (9), Athletics Day is celebrated, and running is one of its modalities. Running involves physical conditioning and good technique to avoid injury. The sport, which was previously seen more often being practiced by competitors, has gained great popularity over the past few years and garnered an increasing number of fans.

Running alone or in a group undoubtedly brings numerous benefits to physical and mental health. In addition to a moment of leisure, runners seek, above all, to overcome personal limits and stay healthy.

In Feira de Santana, running has become an increasingly popular sport, with the growth of companies specializing in this type of activity, which offer advice and follow-up to their members.

Amateur runner Luis Gustavo has been running since 2006. In an interview with Acorda Cidade, he revealed that he now had a specialist consultancy on the subject and little by little he fell in love with the activity.

“I started running in 2016, so it’s been 7 years since I’ve been doing these races. I was always a personal friend of the owner of the consultancy, and he always asked me to start the race, which he wanted to show me what it was like. I went one day and fell in love.”

Luis Gustavo said that the fact that he was overweight at the time also contributed to his decision to be part of the group.

“In the past I only joined because I was overweight and to be able to control this issue, but over time I liked it and today I consider myself an athlete. I got to be 95 kg and from then on I felt the need to do physical activity. Based on requests from Thiago, from the consultancy, I started to practice. At first I walked 100 meters, the next day I was able to run something, and that’s how I evolved, growing and today I’m passionate about the sport,” he said.

For Luis Gustavo, running means a moment of relaxation, in which he manages to disconnect from the routine.

“It’s a moment when I can disconnect from work things, from difficulties, and for me it works as a de-stressor. From the moment I start running, I de-stress and manage to maintain my inner peace. With that, we can motivate our colleagues. This is a modality for anyone, and we have this facility in the race, in which everyone sets their own pace. The most novice people start slowly, but we can also keep up with them, unlike other sports, so it’s a physical activity that can be done by anyone”, he highlighted.

Thiago Almeida, owner of the company Fôlego Assessoria, and a friend of Luis Gustavo, informed Acorda Cidade that the service seeks to improve the performance of runners, each with their own goals.

“We individualize each one’s training, based on their previous, historical and objective knowledge. We set training goals so that this person can seek evolution. Our running practices run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, in the morning or in the evening, and we meet in different locations, each with its own objective.”

The instructor pointed out that the health benefits are diverse, such as neuromuscular, cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular.

“Running strengthens the heart, muscles, lungs, in addition to psychological benefits, such as improving anxiety and is a strong factor that helps against depression. It is an activity that is growing, embraces everyone and has no limitations. It is easy to access and practical. It is only necessary to look for a cardiologist or orthopedist if you have any previously discovered risk factors.”

Group running generates well-being, health and socialization. “Despite being an individual sport, it can and should be performed in groups, because there is a social and motivational factor. In a running consultancy you are in the midst of other people who seek well-being and health.”

Amateur athlete Gervásio Dionísio da Silva is also a fan of sports, but his passion is running, which he has as a lifestyle, in addition to being closely linked to his profession as a Physical Education professional.

Photo: Paulo José/Acorda Cidade

“My whole life I was an athlete. I started swimming when I was 9 years old, and over time, I changed. At the age of 22, I started in Triathlon and next year I will be 30 years old in this sport. Over time, I merged the sport with the profession. Triathlon was the sport I most identified with, it’s the composition of three sports, and running is one of them. I’ve always liked individual sports”, he told the Acorda Cidade portal.

According to Gervásio Dionísio, for some time he was also a soccer player, but that was something he was unable to carry out.

“Football came into my life because of work, at the time I had to train, early in the morning, and those were the times I had for soccer, but it didn’t work out, and as I like individual sport, the Triathlon was the best fit. I spent a lot of time as a professional in Bahia, but today I train more as an amateur athlete.”

For the educator, running means a lot, because in addition to being the sport I identify with, it also works by encouraging and accompanying other people.

“I have a running group, where I do all the training worksheets for the students and follow up. Since 2006, I work with running. One of the goals that I always put in the profession is to be adding, encouraging, so that other people can follow the sport as a quality of life, running as something beneficial, and thank God we are having a good result. Running for about 10 years has become a sport in which many people have become adept. It’s something that a lot of people have started to identify with, have started to adhere to, and have been developing very well,” she noted.

Running benefits:

  • Improve the quality of sleep;
  • Increase disposition for the daily routine;
  • Lose weight because it burns fat;
  • Increase physical conditioning;
  • Improve breathing;
  • Increase self-esteem;
  • Control blood pressure;
  • Increase muscle mass;
  • Combat depression;
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke;
  • Protect from diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease;
  • Increase life expectancy;
  • Stimulate the formation of neurons and improve memory;
  • Strengthen muscles and bones, and decrease the risk of osteoporosis;
  • Strengthen the abdomen and increase the glutes;
  • Etc.

With information from reporter Paulo José do Acorda Cidade.

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