Young Sheldon solves the show’s worst problem

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10/09/2022 15:05

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The Young Sheldon series, which serves as a prequel to The Big Bang Theory, is currently airing its sixth season. The production comes even closer to bringing great revelations about the life of young Sheldon Cooper.

However, the show needs to resolve a few issues first, including inconsistencies with the original sitcom, which was a huge hit with audiences. And that has already begun to be resolved, precisely with Missy Cooper, the protagonist’s sister.

‘Sheldon Cooper is 9 years old and skips four courses to get straight into the institute, along with his older brother, but less intelligent than him. Life in high school won’t be easy: your peers, your parents and your neighbors don’t understand you,’ says the synopsis.

The cast includes Iain Armitage, Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Annie Potts, Montana Jordan, Raegan Revord, among others.

Actors are older than their characters

In the second episode of the current season, Sheldon and Missy are trying to find a way to help their parents financially after George and Marry lost their jobs.

Iain Armitage and Raegan Revord played characters who are 12 years old, but both are already two years older and growing.

The change in Armitage’s voice is noticeable, which has been addressed during the new season, with Sheldon acknowledging that it’s changing as no one mistakes him for his mother anymore when he answers the phone.

Missy, furthermore, who is trying to get a job at a local comic book store, notices that the job is only for 14-year-olds, even though she looks like one.

The production, which is confirmed to wrap up in the seventh season, seems to embrace that the actors are growing up and going through puberty. Because of this, the writers do the same, revealing that the characters are entering puberty a little earlier.

Executive producer Steve Holland had previously confirmed that season six would see Sheldon and Missy as full-fledged teenagers.

With this, both are no longer children, and can deal with more mature matters, such as the search for a job to help with the finances of the house.

There’s the fact that George and Mary no longer need to explain in a more innocent way about the house’s problems. The children are grown up, and they can get a better explanation. It is worth remembering that George Cooper, Sheldon’s father, died when he was 14 years old.

For now, it’s unclear what Young Sheldon’s future will look like, though fans are aware of some of the most tragic events in Sheldon Cooper’s life.

However, now during the sixth season, both Sheldon and Missy are coming of age, and the show no longer has to treat them like children.

In Brazil, The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon are available on HBO Max.

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