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10/14/2022 19:14

After 17 days of championship, the regular phase of PMPL Brasil ended last Sunday (9th). The Championship is considered the Brazilian Championship of PUBG Mobile, and has the 16 best teams in Brazil, vying for the biggest share of the prize pool of 150 thousand dollars, divided by placement and best player.

Alpha7 is the only team with 2 titles won last year with the overwhelming campaign of São Paulo, when they won 2 PMPL Brasil, PMPL Americas and PMWI, a world tournament held online on account of the COVID19 Pandemic. Later, the team traveled to Dubai and competed in the PMGC, ending up in 9th place.

Daniel ‘Mafioso’ Vaz, and Roan ‘Revo77k’ Henrique, have been players on the Alpha7 team since January 2021, when they left the ACE1 team, after winning the PMCO. Brazilian championship for PUBG Mobile amateurs.

Mafioso, as he is better known, is 18 years old and has been playing the game since 2018, when the BETA version of the battle Royale was released, which was only for PC and console. And it started competitively in 2019. But it only became professional when it signed with Alpha7.Roan, the Revo77k, has a very similar story, also starting in 2018, after watching some influencers play the PC version.

Revo77k was also part of the ACE1 team, being the 2020 PMCO champion, along with Mafioso. He later signed his first professional contract with the So Paulo team.

Alpha7 lives a drama, together with Influencer Chemin, trying to gain early access to the world through the season’s overall score, which is the sum of all the official championships of the year. Next Saturday (15th) the final day of PMPL Brasil takes place, thus defining the champion of the tournament, and early access to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, PMGC, which will take place in Indonesia.

Revo77k says confidently: ‘ the most important moment of the season. We are training a lot and that gives us confidence, I want to travel to Indonesia, win the PMGC. I’ll do my best, whatever the cost.’ Ends. It is worth remembering that Revo77k was elected MVP of the last world championship, which took place in Saudi Arabia, in August 2022.

In a relaxed tone Mafioso tells us: ‘I’m calm, I want to be 110% for this final, being a three-time champion is not for anyone, right?’

The final will take place on October 15th, starting at 19:00 in Brasília, with 6 electrifying matches and broadcast on the official channels of PUBG Mobile Brasil.

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