Art for youth: “Murals in Action”, with graffiti, breaking, DJs and MCs takes place on Saturday in São Caetano

On Saturday (22/10), from 10 am to 6 pm, the event Murals in Action and 3rd Guetto Battle lands in São Caetano do Sul for youth of all tribes and ages. The objective is to provide young people with access to the arts, sports and leisure, in addition to promoting the work of local artists.

Focusing on the visual expression of street culture, the Murais em Ação project will make the Conde Francisco Matarazzo street level crossing, in the Center, a true graffiti gallery. The 3rd Guetto Battle adds the other three elements of hip hop culture to the day’s schedule, with a breaking battle (through mixed competition between bboys and bgirls, in a one-on-one format), the presence of DJ’s Ninja and Ronneyoyo, and MC’s On the jury, Andrezinho (Back Spin), Thaisinha (Nossa Crew) and Goga (PD Crew). Activities are free.

There will be cash prizes of R$ 1,000 for the first place, trophies for the first and second places, and gifts. The event is held by the City Hall, through the Secretariat of Culture and the Paulista Association of Friends of Art (APAA), and has the support of the Brazilian Breaking Confederation (CBRB) and the Paulista Breaking Federation (FSPB). Follow the schedule:

Murals in Action
10am – 12pm – Graffiti and inscriptions for the Breaking Battle
12:00 – Inauguration of the “Municipal Gallery of Urban Art” and certification of the artists

3rd Ghetto Battle
1pm – Breaking Battle Trials
14:00 – Eighth finals
3pm – Quarter Finals
16:00 – Semifinals / Rap performance
17h – Final

Urban art

The Municipality of São Caetano do Sul was included in the public notice for funding the “Juntos Pela Cultura” Program, of the Government of the State of São Paulo, via Associação Amigos da Arte. The city was approved in the public call “Arte Urbana SP” with the Murais em Ação project, which was expanded with the 3rd Guetto Battle, including attractions that contemplate the four elements of hip hop culture (graffiti, breaking, DJs and MCs).

In partnership with representatives of urban art in São Caetano, the Murais em Ação project seeks to promote free artistic expression through graffiti, reconciling art with reflection, rebuilding and transforming space. The action dialogues with local identities, through a diversity of expressions.

The first hip hop-themed Guetto Battle took place in 2019, with attractions like breaking, rap, skateboarding, among others. In 2021, the second edition took place alongside the event “Fest Jovem”: the highlight was a lively breaking battle, with DJ, cyphers (breaking wheels without competition) and quizzes with distribution of gifts. Both at Estação Cultura, had the initiative and realization of the City Hall, through the Secretary of Culture.

Follow the cultural agenda of São Caetano do Sul through the website: and Instagram @culturasaocaetano.

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