Young talents stand out at CASACOR Ribeirão Preto – Entertainment

Exhibition runs until October 30th in the city’s south zone

One of the highlights of the 4th edition of CASACOR Ribeirão Preto has been the new (and surprising!) generation of professionals who are part of the show’s cast. Young in age, but with the talent and CVs of veterans, they bring their eyes and inspiration to the theme of this year’s event: “Private Infinity”.

One of them is the 22-year-old architect Quintino Facci, who signs the “Loft Permane(ser)”. The environment was designed to be a place for a private retreat, designed with all the uniqueness that a person has and everything they need to live. The plan, with the total integration of spaces, provides rest and a feeling of calm and fluidity, through the division of environments into two uses, a rest/living area and a practical bathroom and kitchen area.

Architect Vanessa Kimye put her talent into practice in the “Brasilidade” environment. The project of a public bathroom brings the richness of the theme through the Cobogó Mundaú – a hollow element used in architecture -, artistic manual works and the richness of the colors of the fauna, bringing sensations that vary according to the taste, mood and personality of who passes by the place. All this, to the ambient sound of the forest.

Signing the “Annex M”, the architect Marcela Tiraboschi, 25 years old, brings in her home office project a more sophisticated and elegant style for a work environment, stimulating well-being and creativity, in addition to providing a sense of ‘home’ to the place where people tend to spend most of the day.

With “Living Gaia”, young Amanda Andrade and Jaqueline Tessaro present an environment of contemporary style and the use of natural elements. With multifunctional spaces and with nature inside the house represented by plants, shapes and materials, the living room extols Brazilianness through the preference for natural materials, organic shapes, landscaping and furniture signed by designers from the country.

The architects Mateus Passaglia and Nabila Feijó are in charge of the “Musician Studio”. Always attentive to the history of their clients in the projects, the young duo perfectly combined elements in their environment to create a refuge designed to welcome an entrepreneur, investor, collector and, of course, a musician. Ultra-eclectic and contemporary, the studio features romantic tones, pop-art and intimate light.

“Young people naturally bring a modern and innovative look. In addition, CASACOR is also a space for exchanging experiences among professionals. Without a doubt, this mixture of generations is one of the reasons for such success.”, comments Maurício Siqueira, director of CASACOR Ribeirão Preto.

The 4th edition of CASACOR Ribeirão Preto will take place at Avenida Carlos Consoni, 220, in the Jardim Canada neighborhood, until October 30th. Invitations to visit the show are available through the website or at the event’s box office.

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Date: until October 30
Place: Avenida Carlos Consoni, 220, in the Jardim Canada neighborhood
Schedules: Tuesday to Thursday from 3pm to 9pm / Friday and Saturday from 3pm to 10pm and Sundays from 3pm to 8pm
Tickets via website: CASACOR Ribeirão Preto or at the event box office

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