Joinville City Hall delivers ecopoint at Adhemar Garcia and signs partnership with IMA – Joinville City Hall

To promote recycling in the municipality, the City of Joinville, through the Department of Urban Infrastructure (Seinfra), delivered on Monday afternoon (24/10), an Ecopoint installed in Parque São Francisco, in the Adhemar Garcia neighborhood.

At the same ceremony, the Term of Cooperation was signed between the Environment Department (Sama) and the Environment Institute (IMA) to define actions for the “Penso, Logo Destino” program, aimed at the environmentally sound management of solid waste. The activities are part of the program for the 9th Lixo Zero Week, which is organized by Coletivo Joinville Lixo Zero and is supported by the Joinville City Hall.

“The recycling work is done through the sum of the whole society. So when you form cooperations and work together, we get a bigger result. As an example of what we are doing in municipal schools, where we are going to install mini-ecopoints”, says Mayor Adriano Silva.

On 10/31, Seinfra will implement 10 mini-ecopoints in schools in the municipality. With the ecopoint in Parque São Francisco, the Adhemar Garcia community can correctly dispose of materials such as plastic, paper, glass, metal, as well as batteries, at any time of day.

The Secretary of Urban Infrastructure of Joinville, Jorge Sá, mentioned future investments and recalled what has already been accomplished.

“This is the second ecopoint. The first is at Centreventos Cau Hansen. We will install two more in 2023 and two in 2024, totaling six recycling bins. In addition, we work on environmental education by making mini-ecopoints available in schools. Currently, Joinville has 80 thousand-liter containers installed to carry out selective collection”, emphasizes the secretary.

4.5% of the waste collected in Joinville is recycled

Currently, Joinville sends about 12 thousand tons of common urban solid waste to the municipal sanitary landfill. The amount of recyclable waste is around 550 tons per month, which corresponds to about 4.5% of the total volume of waste collected in the city.

“Many people intend to allocate correctly, but they don’t know how to do it, where to take it, this is a matter of education. We show people that they have a place to take them, that they can and will not put them in the wrong place”, says the executive director of Sama, Ana Rizzatti.

Municipality is the 1st large city to join the “I think, Logo Destino”

Through the “I think, Logo Destino” program, Joinville will receive educational actions that promote the environmentally correct management of reverse logistics waste, such as light bulbs, batteries and electronics, among others. Joinville is the first large city to join the program in Santa Catarina.

“We are the first state in Brazil to eradicate dumps and we have achieved this goal for about 15 years. Today we take a significant step forward when we talk about reverse logistics and the program is focused on this topic in the first phase. With the good numbers that Joinville has been showing and with a competent technical team in the area of ​​the environment, we are sure that you will be very successful in implementing these reverse logistics and selective collection policies”, says the director of Engineering and Environmental Quality at IMA, Fabio Castagna da Silva.

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