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Unesc’s Agency for Development, Innovation and Technology Transfer (Aditt) could not be left out of the 13th edition of Unesc’s Science and Technology Week (SCT). Promising to mess with the structures of the University’s largest institutional academic event, the event will provide a lot of exchange of knowledge with innovation and opportunities. Among the main attractions scheduled by the sector are a lecture on 5G, the Innovation Fair and Inova Junior. All of them take place from Wednesday to Friday (26 to 28/10), at the University and are open to the community.

On the schedule of major attractions is a lecture by Nokia’s business director, Vanessa Vieira, who will address the theme “5G in Brazil: Nokia’s Look at the Scenario”, on Thursday (10/27), at 7pm, at the Ruy Hulse Auditorium, at the University.

“It will certainly be an enriching day, with many debates, information and connections. 5G is a technology that is coming and promises to make communications even more viable in terms of business. The company will bring all its perspective, challenges and possibilities that the new technology will provide opportunities for people, governments, companies”, commented the manager of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Unesc, Elenice Padoin Juliani Engel, also emphasizing that the innovation team is taking care of all the details.

Innovation Fair

The 9th Innovation Fair, which takes place simultaneously with the SCT, aims to value and encourage the development of innovative solutions, developed by the academic community, companies, startups and the general public. Those selected applied through the public notice proposed by Aditt and will now have the opportunity to present their ideas to an examining board and judges.

“We had ten ideas submitted and these participants will present their concepts in pitch sessions. Each participant or team will have the opportunity to detail their initiative and hear suggestions and constructive criticism from professionals and experts who are reference in innovation. It is a moment of great connection, talk about entrepreneurship, new possibilities, network, possibilities and a lot of creativity”, highlighted Elenice.

According to her, the initiative also serves as a moment to discuss what is possible in terms of science, innovation, application and experience-based learning. The presentations take place at 7 pm at the Ruy Hulse Auditorium, at Unesc, with awards for the winners.

Inova Junior

On Wednesday (26) there will be the grand finale of the Inova Junior program, which focuses on instigating the creation of innovative, creative and sustainable ideas, conceived by high school students, teachers and employees from high schools in Criciúma and region. . Launched in August of this year, the project had almost 500 subscribers, who were organized into 39 teams. These teams went through an intense online innovation journey, the Innovation Camp, in partnership with Júnior Achievement Santa Catarina, and ten teams were selected as finalists, after an intense dispute full of collaboration and mutual learning.

The closing event takes place at 5 pm at Unesc’s Ruy Hulse Auditorium and is open to the entire community. There are five schools in the region represented: Escola S – Rede Sesi Senai de Criciúma; BSE Caetano Bez Batti from Urussanga; Holy Family College of Forquilhinha; Cedup Abilio Paulo de Criciúma; and EEB Prof. Maria da Glória Silva de Içara. “They went through training, a journey of innovation and now it’s the end with awards”, says Elenice.

According to her, the idea is for them to think of innovative solutions to existing problems in society or in the environment in which they live. “This program is very important to us because it is the institution’s contribution to stimulating innovation, the creative spirit and the development of leaderships. We believe that Unesc takes an important step towards the development of our society, fulfilling its role with these initiatives”, concludes Elenice.

intense week

The Science and Technology Week (SCT) takes place from October 24th to 28th, with more than 120 activities such as lectures, mini-courses, workshops, work presentations, among others.

In 2022, the SCT, which will still have the presentation of about 440 works, will be held in person and online with actions at Unesc’s headquarters campus, in Criciúma, and at the Araranguá unit.

The 13th Unesc Science and Technology Week has the theme “Bicentennial of Independence: 200 years of science, technology and innovation in Brazil” and aims to promote the discussion of knowledge and experiences related to the transversality of science, technology and innovation to equitable and sustainable development.


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