Bolsonaro publishes list of 22 promises; see main for the Economy

List brings together new minimum wage, Auxílio Brasil benefit and IR table update

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) recently released, on his Twitter, a list with the main promises for a next term, if he is elected on Sunday (30), in the second round. There are proposals that range from the Economy, with an update of the Income Tax table for Individuals (IRPF) and exemption for those who earn up to R$ 5 thousand, to Health, with exemption from the payroll for professionals in the sector.

Unlike Lula, who released the main proposals through the document entitled “Letter to Brazil of Tomorrow”, Bolsonaro made the list on social media. In total, there are 22 promises, the number of your party’s legend at the polls — check out the main ones for the Economy.

Bonus of BRL 200 in Auxílio Brasil of BRL 600

The president proposed a R$200 bonus for “productivity” for the R$600 Auxílio Brasil, defended by the president and Lula. The reelection candidate, however, did not say where the money to pay for the bonus would come from, which is not provided for in the budget sent by the government for 2023.

The productivity bonus, in fact, is already foreseen in the creation of Auxílio Brasil. But the government has never provided the premium to beneficiaries who become employees. On the Auxílio Brasil page on the government’s official website, there is the “Urban Productive Inclusion Aid”, but without further information.

Minimum salary of BRL 1,400

Jair Bolsonaro repeated what he said in yesterday’s debate, in confrontation with Lula, held by Rede Globo. The president again declared that the government will increase the minimum wage for 2023, jumping from R$1,212 to R$1,400 – an increase of 15.5%.

Again, the Budget sent to Congress for 2023 does not provide for an increase in the minimum wage to R$1,400. For 2023, the document that provides for government spending and expenses predicts a salary increase to R$ 1,292.

The president also promised a real salary increase above inflation in all his years in office until 2026, if he is re-elected.

In addition, Bolsonaro also promised tax exemption for the purchase of popular cell phones and a social tariff for the devices’ data plans.

Exemption for those who earn up to BRL 5,000

Another candidate’s proposal regarding tax exemption is to exempt those who earn up to R$ 5,000 in the IRPF table. Bolsonaro also defended the creation of a discount for those who declare income tax as a family.

job generation

Bolsonaro defended in the list of proposals “maintaining an economic policy based on the free market and fiscal responsibility, providing a favorable environment for attracting investments”. He then promised to create at least 6 million more jobs.

Exemption from the payroll of health professionals

Among the proposals released this afternoon, Bolsonaro promised the exemption of the payroll for health professionals. Eventually, the candidate said that this exemption could be “gradual for other professionals”.

“Technical Names” for Ministries

This campaign commitment is nothing new; Bolsonaro has always defended that he “indicated only technical names” for his ministries — always using Paulo Guedes as an example. Now, the president reinforced this commitment, saying that he will “indicate technical names and Clean Record for Ministries, public and state banks”.

Financial Education in schools

Bolsonaro proposed implementing what he called the “Education for the Future Program”, which aims to provide teaching in Financial Education, in addition to English and Programming. The president called these areas “essential for professional growth.”

Check out the complete list of the 22 proposals

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