Guia Faça, Enjoy, Check presents shows, workshops and art exhibitions in Curitiba


Don’t know what to do in the city? Every month, Fundação Cultural de Curitiba (FCC) prepares and publishes the Guia Faça, Curta, Check, a true menu of attractions in the city’s cultural spaces. And best of all, the programming is mostly free.

Through the link, those interested can check the October schedule. On the FCC website, the file will be updated on Monday (10/31).

The Guide is divided into areas of interest to the public: cinema, visual arts, circus, theater, visits and workshops, dance, music and literature. Easy to consult, the guide is available in an interactive PDF for you to choose the language that interests you most and consult the attractions available, by day and time.

“We invite the population in general, and in a special way the employees of the City Hall of Curitiba, to know our programming”, says the president of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, Ana Cristina de Castro.

Within the categories are presented events such as workshops, films, plays and several other activities to enjoy alone or with the family. The guide also includes the address, rating and value of the attraction.

The guide is curated by experts in each of the areas, precisely to select the best activities. The guide can be accessed on the Fundação Cultural de Curitiba website or on instagram (@fccuritiba). In addition, the weekly guide is shared on the Curitiba City Hall website.

In Visual Arts, it is worth highlighting the events that take place at the Municipal Museum of Art. Known as MuMA, the museum aims to preserve, conserve, store and disseminate the art collection of Curitiba, bringing together a collection of approximately 3,800 works. Weekly, the museum holds free exhibitions for all ages.

The Memorial Paranista is now one of the cultural and leisure centers in Curitiba, and offers free activities, such as workshops and guided tours.

In literature, it is worth knowing and checking what happens in reading houses. There are 16 houses spread across the city that aim to encourage reading for the elderly, adults, young people and children. In addition to borrowing books, there are reading circles, storytelling, literary creation workshops and much more.

In terms of music, a good choice are concerts by groups from the City of Curitiba held at Capela Santa Maria. The space maintains a schedule of concerts throughout the year, bringing together big names and important groups such as Camerata Antiqua, the Coro, Orquestra À Base de Corda and the Orquestra À Base de Sopro.

And there are options in the cinema area. One of them is the Teatro da Vila, a space that brings attractions from cinema as well as theater and dance. The program is free and is curated by the same team as Cine Passeio, a space that emerged as an alternative to shopping mall cinemas, with a diverse curatorship that features national and international films in addition to exhibitions and festivals.

The traditional Cinemateca de Curitiba continues to fulfill its role of preserving cinematographic memory, research, documentation, training and dissemination of cinema and art. It is the only place in the city that still has

Server pays half
Both in the Cine Passeio sessions and in the concerts of the Curitiba City Hall groups at Capela Santa Maria, the capital’s municipal employees are entitled to half a ticket when purchasing their ticket. In both locations, to have access to this benefit, it is necessary to present the Quality Card or badge.

At Cine Passeio, if the ticket is purchased online, the presentation will be made when entering the movie theater. In person, the half-price ticket is validated at the box office, at the time of purchase. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the half price is R$8 and from Thursday to Sunday, R$10.

At Capela Santa Maria, the server buys the ticket through the platforms and validates the half ticket with the Quality Card or badge at the entrance to the show. Prices may vary depending on the show.

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