Globo redesigns entertainment and Daniela Mignani leaves the company

Sergio Damasceno Silva
November 3, 2022 – 5:17 pm

The director of Estúdios Globo, Ricardo Waddington, announced the new organizational design of Globo’s entertainment area. As of November, the studios will be structured around three pillars – content, production and talent, with a cross-cutting area of ​​diversity and innovation in content. In the content pillar, the authors will be, with the artistic directors, subordinated to the genres, commanded by José Villamarim (Dramaturgy), Boninho (Variedades/Realities and Shows), Mariano Boni (Variedades/Pauta) and Raoni Carneiro (Special Projects and Channels). paid).

In the production pillar, Fabiana Moreno will be responsible for production, intelligence and performance. The talent pillar is organized to ensure the continuous evolution of the relationship model with actresses and actors, set designers, costume designers, art producers, music producers, characterists, directors of photography. The management of artistic talents will continue under the responsibility of Adélia Croce and that of artistic production talents will be under the responsibility of Bernardo Portugal.

Samantha Almeida, until then director of content creation, takes over the newly created area of ​​diversity and innovation in Content. In line with the commitments assumed by Globo’s ESG agenda, especially those related to the social impact of content and the promotion of diversity and inclusion in content and teams, Estúdios Globo created this board, transversal to all the others and subordinated to Ricardo Waddington .

Non-sports pay channels

Daniela Mignani was one of the honored by Women to Watch in the 2016 edition (Credit: Disclosure)

Another change for Globo is that Raphael Corrêa, who until then headed the international business area, will be the new director of non-sports pay channels. Corrêa replaces Daniela Mignani, who is leaving the company. In Meio & Mensagem, Daniela, who was one of the honored by Women to Watch in the 2016 edition, said: “I will continue to cheer for the company and the executives and vibrate for the new achievements. The experience of my departure reaffirms that Globo has a soul and a heart. They were impeccable with me.”

Corrêa has been with Globo for 22 years and has consolidated his career in the international business area. He mentored the creation of Globoplay Internacional and led important content licensing negotiations and strategic distribution partnerships.

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