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The special storytelling activity was a little different this time. The 5th grade classes at Colégio Satc prepared objects to tell the story. It was a story with sensory crafts, aimed at people with visual impairments. The guests were welcomed to get to know the school and the project built by the students and teachers.

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The project began in a partnership between the disciplines of Applied Technologies, with Professor Franciele Alves, and Arts, with Professor Sinara Cardoso. The students had lectures and tours through the accessible environments available at the College. In the classroom, posters were produced about the importance of accessibility and how to help people.

The classes could also have the experience of listening to the stories told blindfolded to understand the importance of getting certain modes for a better experience. To finalize the project, they got together to tell the story of the book “With the tips of the fingers and the eyes of the heart”. The publication talks about the life of Nando, a boy who suffers prejudice and has in his grandmother, who is visually impaired, the support to overcome barriers. During the course of the story, the grandson presents the Harley comet to his grandmother, objects that were reproduced by the students and presented on the occasion.

So that the experience could be even more remarkable, women with visual impairments were invited to listen to the story prepared during the classes. The project involves activities related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which deal with sustainability and accessibility.

The groups were divided between the production of sensory objects and characters, sound effects, character presentation and storytelling. “We were able to provide this experience for people who don’t see what a story made especially for them is like. It’s not just because they can’t see that they can’t understand the story,” said 5th grade student A, Heloisa de Almeida Machado. She was responsible for making the characters.

According to Professor Sinara, the art of education is to make the student protagonist. Therefore, the students were responsible for each stage of the preparation. “They made all the choices, division of groups and sound effects. We cherish this autonomy and they had fun and even got excited about the project”, said the teacher.

In the end, the students presented the guests with an MDF box produced at the Pronto 3D Laboratory. In it, in relief, a representation of the comet mentioned in the story.


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