Technology is one of the priorities in LOA articulation

Lula’s government transition team meets with the CMO’s general rapporteur to discuss the 2023 LOA (Photo: Pedro França/Agência Senado)

This Thursday, 3rd, was marked by several meetings between representatives of the current and future federal government, who gave their first statements about the transition to the new Executive. According to parliamentarians who attended the meetings, the arrangements begin with the Annual Budget Law (LOA) of 2023 and the technology sector is one of the priorities.

“Technology, research, are part of the priorities, yes”, said senator Paulo Rocha to the Tele.Synthesis, after being asked about the need to recompose the budget. The parliamentarian was at the meeting between the coordinator of the transition team and future vice president of the Republic, Geraldo Alckmin, with the general rapporteur for the 2023 Budget, Senator Marcelo Castro (MDB-PI), among other PT leaders.


However, Rocha says that there are still no “individual” discussions such as investing in connectivity in schools or remote areas. The government’s main focus is to ensure the continuity of social benefits such as the R$ 600 assistance. Other complements can be discussed in the background. In addition to technology, the congressman mentioned health and education among his priorities.

“We are looking for a report [de orçamento] of consensus. If you have any need to insist on any sector, naturally we will put it up. But the heart of the matter is for us to authorize [reverter] the impediment, the so-called spending cap, for us to solve the country’s needs”, said the senator.

The government’s idea is to make it possible to increase spending beyond the ceiling through a Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC), which should be presented and voted on later this year.

After meeting with the team of the new government involved in the transition, the rapporteur of the LOA, Marcelo Castro, highlighted that it is necessary to “work within reality” because “there are many deficiencies in the Budget”.

economy and transition

At the front, Geraldo Alckmin greets the CMO rapporteur, Marcelo Castro, accompanied by PT members (from left to right) deputy Reginaldo Lopes, senator Paulo Rocha and elected senator Wellington Dias. (Photo: Pedro França/Agência Senado)

The transition team can count on the appointment of up to 50 people. Alckmin said this Thursday that the works will be headquartered in the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center (CCBB) building in Brasília, the same building used in the 2018 administration.

According to Paulo Rocha, the names of the transition commission are still being defined. Economics matters, for example, must be divided among several members. “Although some ministries are together in the current government, as in the Economy, we will discuss each sector from its point of view”. The work theme, for example, which had an individual ministry in Dilma’s government, will have a dedicated group of the economic team, according to the parliamentarian.

The installation of the team at the CCBB starts from Monday, when the team says it will start announcing the names of the new ministers.



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