City Hall presents progress of projects to the Ministry of Economy team

Aracaju received, this Tuesday, 8, representatives of the Program Coordination Unit (UCP) of the Ministry of Economy, responsible for the National Support Program for Administrative and Fiscal Management of Brazilian Municipalities (PNAFM). The technical mission aimed to monitor the performance of the capital in the development of projects supported by PNAFM, discussing aspects of governance, initiatives undertaken, presentation of products, problems identified, results, deadlines and deliveries.

The Municipality of Aracaju, through the secretariats of Finance (Semfaz) and Planning, Budget and Management (Seplog), operates on some work fronts with a focus on perennial actions that modernize management and bring tangible results to the population.

“We are developing ten products that total R$ 19,769,067 in investments. Today, it was an opportunity to level knowledge among all the participants in the action, present the planning for 2023 and render accounts to the members of the technical mission of the Ministry of Economy. A very productive day”, evaluates the technical advisor of the Farm, Márcio Porto, who coordinates the PNAFM in Aracaju.

During the presentation made to the Ministry of Economy team, the progress of each project developed, the investment already used and the final products were highlighted. These are actions focused on modernizing the Treasury Department’s technological park, improving the reliability of data about the city, sustainability of actions and investments, improving the Land Registry and the Tax System, as well as modernizing the payroll adopted by the PMA.

“Even though the program is still ongoing, we have already reaped the rewards of this investment. In fact, some future City Hall projects will only be possible to be executed thanks to this base initiated here. In addition, it is important to highlight the constant training of the teams involved, so that the consultants hired offer theoretical knowledge and our technicians bring this learning to the reality of the municipality. The result is a process that is much more consistent with our conditions and effective products, which will be part of the population’s life, regardless of who is in charge of public administration”, emphasizes secretary Jeferson Passos,

The UCP team, made up of the Monitoring and Evaluation coordinator, Josenilson Torres Veras, and technicians Antônio Carlos and Oswaldo Castilho, ended the visit admiring what was presented.

“It was really surprising to see the involvement of each member of the team, the technical capacity of the servers and the knowledge of the project. With the deadline, scheduled for 2023, approaching, we bring the alert for the performance recorded, but, the difficulties presented today, the pandemic itself, in addition to the design of the project, where one product depends on the other, justify this impact “, points out the coordinator Josenilson Torres.

Also according to him, it was clear how the actions developed by Aracaju will result in effective products. “It is a project that pays very well. The results achieved here will be used for a long time, they will be useful not only for those in management, but especially for the population. The entire team is to be congratulated for the commitment to each step taken, a characteristic that, without a doubt, makes a very big difference to what will be delivered by Aracaju”, he bet.


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