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This week, Rio Grande do Sul, through the Secretary of State for Culture (Sedac RS), will host the National Forum of State Secretaries and Directors of Culture, one of the most expressive movements in the field of cultural policy in the country. The meeting, which came to occupy a relevant space on the national scene after the extinction of the Ministry of Culture in 2019, will take place from Friday (11) to Sunday (13), with activities in Porto Alegre, Bento Gonçalves , Canela, Gramado and Antônio Prado. The host is the Secretary of State for Culture of Rio Grande do Sul and vice president of the Forum, Beatriz Araujo.

The program starts Thursday (10), at 2 pm, with cultural programming in the Historic Center of Porto Alegre. The official opening of the Forum will be on Friday (11), at 3 pm, at the Grande Hotel Dall’Onder, in Bento Gonçalves. The Secretary of Culture of Espírito Santo, Fabricio Noronha Fernandes, president of the National Forum, and delegations representing 17 states from the five regions of the country will be present. The state cultural secretaries and leaders represent the political diversity of the different units of the Federation and played a decisive role in the articulation of national movements in favor of workers in culture for the overthrow of presidential vetoes to the Aldir Laws.

Blanc II and Paulo Gustavo.

For the Secretary of Culture of Rio Grande do Sul, Beatriz Araujo, “in view of the long-awaited prospect of recreating the Ministry of Culture, the moment requires reflection and the creation of consensus around what we can do to advance in public cultural policies, in all spheres of the federation, in order to expand access to cultural goods and services, the promotion of the arts, the preservation of our cultural heritage and the promotion of Brazilian cultural diversity”.

The president of the National Forum of Secretaries, Fabricio Noronha, stressed that “the meeting comes after a very important electoral process for the future of cultural policies in Brazil. We are facing the reconstruction of the Ministry of Culture and the suspension of the Provisional Measure that postponed the transfers of the Aldir Blanc and Paulo Gustavo Laws. The dialogue between secretaries from all over Brazil will also allow us to advance in the debate on the regulation of the two Laws, in favor of culture makers across the country and the population in general. greatly affected since the pandemic, and we are heading towards the full recovery and growth of our culture and our creative economy”, he said.

Letter from Rio Grande do Sul

In defense of culture as a fundamental and constitutional right, and in the hope of rebuilding the institutional structures necessary for the management and execution of cultural public policies _ at the municipal, state and federal levels _, the Forum will present its position in a final document. The “Letter from Rio Grande do Sul”, resulting from the meeting, will forward a set of proposals for the present and future of culture in Brazil, seeking an agreement between the member states of the Forum and the Federal Executive Power.


On Thursday (10), at 2 pm, Forum participants will be received by the Secretary of Culture, Beatriz Araujo, and by the Municipal Secretary of Culture of Porto Alegre, Gunter Axt, at the Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul (Margs), where there will be a musical performance and a guided tour of the 13th Mercosul Visual Arts Biennial.

On Friday (11), at 15:00, accompanied by the secretary, the secretaries and leaders of culture will be received in Bento Gonçalves by the mayor, Diogo Siqueira, and by the municipal secretary of Culture, Evandro Soares, for the beginning of the work of the Forum. At 3:30 pm, there will be a panel with the presence of the journalist, curator, lecturer, essayist, consultant and coordinator in companies, governments and international organizations, Marta Porto, and members of the Forum. At this moment, the context of cultural policies in Brazil, future perspectives, institutional innovation and public and private agendas for the sector will be addressed.

The event is organized by the National Forum of State Secretaries and Directors of Culture and the Government of the State of RS, through the Secretariat of Culture (Sedac); sponsored by the Gaucho Association of Municipalities (AGM) and supported by Gramadotur, Instituto Tarcísio Michelon, Instituto Cultural Laje de Pedra, Dall’Onder Hotels, in addition to the Municipalities of Guaporé, Gramado, Canela, Bento Gonçalves and Antônio Prado, and the Feira do Porto Alegre book.


What: National Forum of State Cultural Directors

When: from Thursday (10) to Sunday (13), in Rio Grande do Sul

Start of activities: Thursday, at 2 pm, at the Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum (Margs), in Porto Alegre

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