Light in art: Candeeiro is the newest cultural space in Natal – 11/08/2022 – News

Tádzio França

news reporter

The newest cultural space in Natal is a gallery of different accents and many possibilities. Created by the couple Natan Garcia and Heldilene Reale, coming from Belém do Pará, the Candeeiro was opened at the end of October in the Pitimbu neighborhood, south of the city. The new house officially opened with the exhibition “Entre o Norte e o Nordeste”, a collective art show between talents from both Brazilian regions. The exhibition will be open until the 28th of December, and is a synthesis of the proposal that the new space has to offer to local artists: connections, exchanges, and many opportunities to create.


The Candeeiro Cultural Space is located in the South Zone, in the Pitimbu neighborhood.

The Candeeiro cultural space is an existing project since 2020, in the capital of Pará. The activities have always revolved around exhibition programs, educational actions, and dialogues about artistic creation processes and themes that cross the art circuit. With the change to work as a professor at UFRN in Natal, Heldilene and her partner brought the Candeeiro concept here.

“We have been in Natal since January, since then with the aim of retaking Candeeiro here. We don’t give up on that. We are still getting to know and learning about the artistic territory of Natal, but I believe that we have already started well”, says Nathan, who is a photographer and historian. Heldilene is a researcher, curator, and visual artist.

The first activity of Candeeiro in Natal was a public exhibition call, the “2ª Chama”, held from September 19 to October 15. The public notice aimed to select 10 artists, five from the North and five from the Northeast. The proposal is that the works could be displayed in the “lick” format, to compose the exhibition. Thus was born “Entre o Norte e o Nordeste”, composed by works by Débora Oliveira, Karina Miranda, Miguel Moura, Rao Godinho and Samir Dams, Clodoaldo Castro, João Oliveira, G. Atos, Geovana França, and Takará.

The exhibition mixes northeastern and northerners, photographs, graffiti and paintings. According to Nathan, the works talk to each other, in the way that the gallery proposes. “Occupying our space with collective projects is the best way to exchange experiences, talents, narratives. We need this dialogue,” she says. “Collective work is also more aggregating”, she says, “because it gives opportunities to artists who could not find a place in an institutional space or in public notices”.

virtual coffee

Candeeiro will also put into practice, in Natal, the project “Coffee with Artist”, which consists of lives in which artists meet to talk about the creative processes of their work. “We were already doing this in Belém, and we will continue here. An open, interactive process in which artists talk about art and converse with the audience,” he explains. The first will be held on November 19, with Miguel Moura (PA) and G. Atos (RN). Meetings will take place every Saturday.

The Candeeiro will remain lit in 2023. Nathan and Heldilene have many plans. According to him, there are already new guidelines under analysis, in addition to future schedules with workshops and courses at the beginning of the year. The photographer explains that he is understanding how the Natal visual arts scene moves, in order to work better on top of it. “In Belém, the actions were concentrated in the historic center, while in Natal, they are dispersed. It’s good because it doesn’t standardize, but bad because it pulverizes the public. We are learning to work with it”, he concludes.



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