Project to preserve the environment is developed at Horto Florestal in Criciúma

Provide professional qualifications for future inclusion in the labor market for young people and adolescents in case of deprivation and restriction of liberty, It is the purpose of the new project of the Criciúma Environment Board (DMACRI) in the municipality.

The project started in August and consists of a partnership between the Board of Directors and the Superintendence of the Southern Regional of Santa Catarina of the Socio-educational System. Currently, nine young people are participating in the action in order to preserve the environment by carrying out activities developed in the Municipal Forestry Garden.

According to the Environmental Education coordinator of the Environment Directorate, Eduardo Luzzi Damassini, the project idea is being implemented for the first time in the municipality. “We have already carried out projects with the Socio-Educational Service Center (CASE) within the socio-educational unit, and we hope to carry them out again in the municipality. But, with young people at Casa de Semiliberdade, it is a pioneering project that we developed and executed in Criciúma”, he pointed out.

According to the director of the Environment, Anequésselen Bittencourt Fortunato, the courses that young people have been taking since August are on activities related to gardening and landscaping, composting, vegetable gardens, growing plants and teas, among others that will emerge with the development of the project.

Labor market and environmental protection

Also according to the director, the presence of more people engaged in the preparation and cultivation of plants both for the Municipal Garden and for projects that the Board develops, are benefits that mark the project. “In this way, for teenagers, the benefits are in the learning and professional qualification they will receive, preparing them for the job market and giving them greater chances and opportunities in getting their first job”, she pointed out.

According to the pedagogue of the Southern Santa Catarina Regional Superintendence of the Socio-Educational System, Roseli Rodrigues, workshops are currently being carried out on the Aromas and Medicinal Plants Project with young people and adolescents in compliance with a measure of intention. “Because they are fulfilling a socio-educational measure of semi-liberty, young people and adolescents are moved to the Municipal Forestry Garden to participate in pedagogical activities, with the guidance of employees of the Environment Directorate”, she explained.

In addition, the Superintendent of the South Regional, Paulo Adames, also stressed that for the socio-educational system, it is important to strengthen cooperation as a way of contributing to the process of re-socialization of these subjects. “Thus, providing opportunities for learning important content for the construction of new life projects and as a way of entering the job market”, concluded Adames.


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