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Developed for large urban centers, the agricultural segment stands out in the supply of vegetables and sustainability

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Technology Moment #80: Vertical farms promise to be a new alternative in food production


Brazil is one of the largest agricultural producers in the world. In area, agriculture exploits more than 63 million hectares and part of the food produced is lost due to external conditions, such as frost, and in transport from the countryside to the city. The supply of food in large urban centers, such as the metropolitan region of São Paulo, proved to be a challenge for traditional agriculture. In the search for alternatives, vertical farms were developed.

In towers and indoors, vegetables grown in vertical farms require air conditioning so that they arrive at the table of consumers fresh and looking good. Because they are produced in urban areas, waste is minimal and pollution from transport is reduced. One example is Pink Farms, the largest company in the vertical farm sector in Latin America, founded by Rafael Delalibera. He comments on the care needed to optimize the productivity of vertical farms and the impacts on the environment.

This episode of Momento Tecnologia also features Simone Mello, a professor at the Department of Vegetable Production at the Luiz de Queiroz Higher School of Agriculture (Esalq), who works in the protected cultivation of vegetables. From her perspective, the future of this technology is promising: “In the coming years, vertical industries will develop significantly”.

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