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With the World Cup approaching, which starts later this month, there is nothing to talk about other than sticker albums, themed snacks from some countries launched by McDonald’s and, of course, football. And, with the topic on the rise, discussions about how it and sports in general impact other sectors of society, such as the economy, health, retail, education, and the corporate universe, are intensified.

However, although the subject is especially in evidence at the time of the Olympics and other famous world sports competitions, the debates focused on the benefits and lessons that the practice of sports brings to people are extremely relevant and should be treated with more attention and enthusiasm.

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Among the most obvious and widely discussed advantages and lessons learned, which are often related to well-being and improvement in physical and mental health and which help to combat problems such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, etc. people’s character and values, which can – and should – be applied to the corporate world.

The teachings from the culture of sport that I believe are most effective in the professional sphere are those related to the ability to work as a team, an essential skill in a world that, despite being increasingly connected, lacks rich and fruitful interactions. By creating a relationship of trust between people and an environment that takes advantage of the best skills and talents of each, at the end of the partnership, the team will be much more complete, integrated and productive.

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Another important lesson is learning to deal with negative feelings like frustration and defeatism, especially in those times when everything is going wrong and we just want to give up. It is essential to understand that they are also normal and part of all life’s journeys.

Being disciplined, understanding that only through daily training and a focus on self-development will victories come; not being arrogant, so that, even in moments of success, there is always the will to go further and overcome, and to have humility, to also recognize the effort and power of colleagues and competitors, are also essential lessons for the job market.

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In addition, another very valuable skill is resilience, which allows professionals to keep reinventing themselves when necessary and not let themselves get discouraged at times when results do not turn out as expected. According to a survey carried out at the end of 2020 by the ADP Research Institute in 25 countries around the world, only 15% of workers are highly resilient – ​​a low value compared to a quality that is very positive for those who have it.

And it is worth remembering that all these lessons and benefits of sports help in life as a whole, but we will only be able to really root them within us and truly transmit them to other areas, from the moment they are applied on a daily basis with frequency.

Mateus Magno is CEO of Sambatech and Samba Digital

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