Fortaleza Esporte Clube: the team that never tires of making history – André Almeida

O Fortaleza Esporte Clube Don’t get tired of making history. And you don’t get tired because you always want more and more. Seeks evolution and prepares to grow. In recent years, Tricolor has been breaking records and setting unprecedented marks countless times. This Sunday (13), another chapter was written in a spectacular way: the victory over Santos and the classification for the Pre-Liberators🇧🇷

The achievement is absolutely fantastic. The Pici Lion is the first team to turn the Brasileirão’s turn in the lantern and get the classification for the main competition from the continent. It was, literally, from the lantern to Liberta.

This is because of the 3th best campaign in the return of Serie Abehind only Palmeiras and Internacional, champion and runner-up.

In addition, it is the first team in the Northeast to guarantee a spot for the Libertadores for two consecutive years🇧🇷

All of this comes to crown an absolutely magical 2022, which still had Ceará four-time championship🇧🇷 Northeast Cup Championship (both undefeated), participation in Liberators qualifying for the round of 16, quarter-finals of the Brazil’s Cup eliminating rival Ceará.

And this after a 2021 that had already been fantastic, with 4th place in the Brasileirão and the semi-final of the Copa do Brasil, establishing the team’s best campaigns in these two competitions.


Fortaleza Football Department: Daniel de Paula Pessoa (manager), Alex Santiago (director), Marcelo Paz (president), Júlio Manso (supervisor), Sérgio Pappelin (executive)


This involves a very competent, serious, responsible and well-done job on and off the field. Fortaleza has grown as a club, as an institution, and the sporting results catapult it all. The Football Department is the mainspring for the gear to work, and deserves a lot of recognition.

And there is something crucial to this: the Mentality🇧🇷 Fortaleza is a team that is used to winning and always seeks to improve. There is no conformism or concern for anything other than constantly evolving.

What will the new chapter be? Only time will tell. But it is certain that Fortaleza has shown several times that it is capable of surprising. And to always keep surpassing yourself and making history in a charming way.


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