Integration – In Israel, a delegation from Rondônia visits institutions focused on infrastructure and agriculture technologies – Government of the State of Rondônia

The meeting opened the possibility of accelerating the process of Rondônia becoming a partner of the WFC

With a confirmed presence in Israel, to exchange information with entities involved in technology in the Middle East country, the governor of Rondônia, Marcos Rocha, concluded two agendas in Tel Aviv, this Thursday (10), with the aim of improving infrastructure to establish a partnership and technology transfer with Waze for Cities (Waze for cities), and with the Volcani Institute’s Cocoa Laboratory.

The world-famous Israeli startup, Waze, was the first to welcome the governor and his entourage. The urban mobility giant founded in 2008 and which has a specific program for mobility improvements, called Waze for Cities – WFC (Waze for Cities), was presented as an opportunity for the company’s portfolio, with a view to helping to prevent accidents that take lives in the region. “Our goal of saving lives will always continue, even after the covid pandemic”, scored Marcos Rocha.

In summary, the Waze for Cities program enables Waze and government agencies around the world to share Waze data to help with city planning, make better infrastructure decisions, and increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations. They are already present in more than 1,000 cities worldwide (2020), 190 in Latin America and 70 in Brazil, including the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Joinville.

The meeting opened the possibility of accelerating the process of Rondônia becoming a WFC partner for Porto Velho and cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants in the state. “We also want to jointly study a model of the program, not only for cities, but for highways and bridges, in order to improve care with infrastructure in real time”, suggested Governor Marcos Rocha.

The team from the State of Rondônia also visited Instituto Volcani

Afterwards, the State team went to visit the Volcani Institute and, in particular, the Cocoa laboratory. The Agricultural Research Organization Center of Volcani, which is Israel’s largest agricultural research center, acts as the research arm of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the State of Israel. At the meeting, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Volcani Institute and Embrapa (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation) was evoked.


When laying the groundwork for an agreement between the parties, the governor noted the opportunity to import technologies and techniques originating from the MoU and, thus, reduce costs for farmers, not only for cocoa, but also for the most diverse agricultural crops in Rondônia. “We will observe, together with specialists, the technologies and the best use of the memorandum, to ensure that our producers have access and knowledge of cutting-edge technologies in the sector”, he guaranteed.

Cocoa became the 2nd crop with the largest area for harvesting and, according to the IBGE, with more than 9,200 hectares. Cocoa production increased in Rondônia by around 2.3% between 2017 and 2021 and more than 5,571 tons were harvested in 2021. The municipality of Jaru remains the largest cocoa producer in the state, having produced 1,276 tons in 2021.


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