Ceará art galleries host exhibitions of international works

The International Exchange “Hospitality as relational aesthetics” will take place throughout this month of November in three cities in Ceará. About 30 artists, national and foreign, will participate in exhibitions and workshops until the end of November.

The proposal is to delve into the universe of hospitality in its multiple possibilities of relational artistic practices. The activities are scheduled to take place in Fortaleza, Fortim (east coast) and Guaramiranga (Massif de Baturité).

The project is a partnership between the Meio Fio de Pesquisa e Ação Group of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Ceará (IFCE) and Ponte Cultura, a German association that finances the project. The event features around 30 foreign visual artists (from Germany, France, United Kingdom, Canada) and Brazilians (from Ceará, Pará, São Paulo and Minas Gerais).

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Ana Cristina Mendes, creator and organizer of the Meio Fio research group, is also part of the German association Ponte Cultura and explains how this exchange works: “The meetings take place in the form of an artistic residency and in this one, in Fortaleza, we will live the experience of hospitality from Ceará as relational aesthetics. We will spend 17 days in a very special collective of experiences, relating and sharing this time together”.

The artistic residency consists of moving the artist to another cultural context, with the aim of developing a process of artistic creation associated with the exchange of experiences. The idea is to promote an aesthetic and reflective experience in contemporary public art.

The Intercâmbio also features painting, drawing, photography, artist notebook and creation process workshops, open to the public and free of charge, at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Ceará, in Fortaleza.

“One place in another place”

The first exhibition will open this Thursday, the 17th, from 6 pm, at the Galeria Café das Artes Vila Selvagem, in Fortim. Entitled “A place in the place of the other”, the exhibition consists of shared works, in which artists from Ceará freely interfere in the printed works of international artists.

As part of the event’s programming, the colloquium “Art, Hospitality and Socio-environmental Responsibility” will take place at the Hotel Escola Guaramiranga, at the IFCE, from November 24th to 26th.

In Fortaleza, there will be exhibitions at the Mariana Furlani Arte Contemporânea Gallery, Leonardo Leal Gallery, Multiarte Gallery and at the UFC Museum of Art.

“It is one of those opportunities that are gifts for a lifetime. Here, differences are mixed and borders of cultures are diluted through this bridge that unites us”, added Ana Cristina Mendes.

Agenda: Exhibitions

11/17 at 6pm – “A place in the place of another” (Small Formats), Café das Artes Vila Selvagem, Pontal de Maceió, in Fortim.

11/18 at 6pm – “Ô de fora… Take arrival”, Mariana Furlani Arte Contemporânea Gallery (Rua Canuto de Aguiar, 1401 , Meireles – Fortaleza).

11/19 at 10 am – “From here and where you are…”, in homage to the artist Siegbert Franklin, conversation with Rafael Carvalho, Leonardo Leal Gallery (1515, Rua Visc. de Mauá – Aldeota, Fortaleza).

11/21 at 6pm – Exhibition of the video Territories, by Petros Sevastikoglou. Chat with the managers of the German Association Ponte Cultura, Marianne and Peter Stüve, with the representative of Na Casa do Artista, Werne Souza and with the hosts of this Exchange, Ana Cristina Mendes and Herbert Rolim. Multiarte Gallery (R. Barbosa de Freitas, 1727 – Aldeota, Fortaleza)

11/22 at 6pm – “Collective body, shared subjectivities”, Museum of Art of the Federal University of Ceará (MAUC/UFC), (Avenida da Universidade, 2854 – Benfica- Fortaleza).


Location: Didactic Block of the Degree in Visual Arts Course at IFCE (Avenida Treze de Maio, 2081 – Benfica – Fortaleza)

  • November 21st and 22nd – 2pm to 5pm – Expanded drawing, with Brigitte Schwacke and Lisa Haselbek (Germany)
    Artist’s Notebook, with Reinhild Gerum (Germany)
    Experimental photography (Cyanotype), with Wendel Medeiros (IFCE)
    Experimental painting, with Gerlinde Pistner, Fred Ziegler and Tevauha -Thomas Volkmar Held (Germany)
  • 11/22 – 2pm to 5pm – Creation Process: Image Systematization, with James Kudo (SP).
  • November 24th and 26th – at Hotel Escola Guaramiranga (IFCE), Art, Hospitality and Socio-environmental Responsibility Colloquium.

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