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The Argentine crowd present in Qatar was a negative highlight when singing a racist and transphobic song against the French star Kylian Mbappé. The verses were reproduced during a live interview for an Argentine program this Friday (18).

At the Cup warm upjournalist Milly Lacombe repudiated the fact and said that the action is a reflection of Qatar’s choice to host the World Cup.

“When Qatar, this country that disrespects all human rights, is chosen, it is clear that this fan will feel at home and that is where he will go. It is a Cup for heterosexual men. All are, but this one is more,” he said.

“The song says more about who sings than the objects it refers to. People deal very badly with sexuality. What’s bothering you?”, asked the columnist.

Milly: In a more egalitarian world Neymar could not be worth so much

Journalist Milly Lacombe also criticized Neymar’s off-field behavior and said he is the cause, not the victim, of his off-field problems. She listed controversies and controversies in the career of the number 10 in the national team.

“Neymar is one of the greatest players of all time, at the same time we know what he is off the field. I agree with almost everything that Danilo said, but I wouldn’t say the problems that Neymar faces, but the ones that he causes. He is not a victim, he is the cause of these problems.”

“Neymar has problems with the IRS, Neymar supported and campaigned for an extreme right-wing president, who will be tried for crimes against humanity, Neymar was accused of sexual violence, Nike broke with him for that, not the accusation that he was cleared, but the accusation that Nike wanted to investigate and Neymar did not cooperate, so it is difficult to separate things. As a woman and citizen caught in a deeper place, in a fairer and more egalitarian world, he could not be worth so much, “he said Milly.

Lavieri: Neymar would be even bigger if he had a different posture off the field

Straight from Qatar, columnist Danilo Lavieri gave details of the strength of Neymar’s image in the host country of the Cup and stated that, if he had a different attitude, the Brazilian star would be even greater.

“Neymar could be an even bigger figure than he is if he had a better posture off the field. You see pictures of Neymar at the airport, on buildings, but he could be even bigger than he is”, said Lavieri.

Firmino out and Vini Jr. in the reservation are questioned by foreigners

Danilo Lavieri and Gabriel Carneiro told how the exchange of information with the foreign media is going. While, in Italy, locals and Spaniards closely follow the preparation of the Brazilian team, at the World Cup headquarters there is still talk about Tite’s call-up.

Carneiro said that the conversation with the Spanish media revolves around the comparison between Raphinha and Vini Jr. “They are stunned that Raphinha has more influence on the national team than Vini Jr.”, he said. In Qatar, Lavieri revealed that the call-up is still a matter. “It’s curious how people talk about Firmino, it calls my attention how people have this appreciation, while in Brazil there aren’t that many people missing him so much”.

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