CMEI puts children in the mood for the World Cup

The distance between Brazil and Qatar is almost 12 thousand kilometers, but the children of CMEI Mundo Novo III, at Residencial Mundo Novo in Goiânia, are feeling very close to the World Cup. All because the institution’s management decided to decorate the environment with the colors green and yellow and objectives that allude to the world cup.

But the “World Cup”, as the initiative was affectionately known, did not stop there. Coordinators and teachers prepare the children for a simulation of the opening of the World Cup with all the protocols of the ceremony, including the entrance with the Brazilian flag, the mascot and the playing of the National Anthem, in addition, of course, soccer matches for boys and girls.

CMEI Mundo Novo decorated with the colors of the Brazilian National Team

According to Danusa Gomes, director of CMEI, the idea came up to bring to the teaching center what children are experiencing at home during these World Cup days.

“Here at CMEI we work with the child’s reality, so everything that arises from culturally significant activities for them, they bring and become a work project. Now they are hearing a lot about the World Cup, which is, within their groupings”, explained Danusa.

According to the director, the activities are intended to promote the notion of citizenship in children even though they are still very young. The institution currently has 135 children enrolled, aged between six months and six years, who stay full-time at the institution.

“We work with the children on this issue of citizenship, what is important to them, the importance of sport and participation. Everything that is essential for their reality, we bring into the institution. Being a citizen, participating, welcoming others, playing and learning while playing”, she highlighted.

Danusa Gomes in an interview with Sagres

Another important aspect that is enhanced by the involvement of children in activities related to the World Cup is sport. With initiatives like this, sports practices become allies of education.

“Sport brings that whole situation of conviviality, where the child wakes up to wait his turn, observes his own challenge and when he conquers it, it becomes a memory. Playing sport today is the most favorable situation for children to learn to live in society”, said teacher Beatriz de Cássia.

In her view, the result of the children’s interaction is very visible in everyday life. “In the classroom the response is wonderful. The child keeps portraying, she remembers what she experienced out here and exposes what she wants to experience at another time”, she said.

Professor Beatriz in an interview with Sagres

In addition to arousing the children’s interest, the “World Cup” also drew the attention of family members, who were encouraged to take their children to the CMEI with Brazil’s shirt and supported the initiative.

“Parents are very engaged and participative, some even wanted to come on the opening day too. It was very well accepted by the families, the servants, because everyone plays, has fun and learning happens”, said Danusa Gomes.

The decoration in honor of the World Cup being played in Qatar should remain at CMEI Mundo Novo III for the next few days, but in December it should be replaced by the Christmas celebration.

Children preparing for a soccer match at CMEI

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