I Gastronomic Festival of Baturité: entertainment, learning and economic and social development

Understanding the meanings of food implies understanding the way society organizes itself, produces and distributes its food. From this perspective, these processes will be highlighted at the 1st Gastronomic Festival of Baturité and 2nd edition of the Ceará Organic Food Festival, events that will take place between the 25th and 27th of November at Praça da Matriz in Baturité.

This year’s theme is Healthy School Meals and will receive professionals to discuss the theme in all its instances, from the planting stage, contemplating agronomists and other field professionals, cooks and the final consumer, who are the students themselves.

To entertain visitors, the event will also feature musical and cultural attractions, including the exhibition and sale of local products. Check out the schedule of the 1st Baturité Gastronomic Festival and 2nd edition of the Ceará Organic Food Festival below and organize yourself to pay a visit!

Economy, entertainment and cuisine: all in one event

According to the mayor of Baturité, Hérberlh Mota, the event consolidates the city as an important hub for regional gastronomy and offers opportunities for technical improvement of professionals in the area, entrepreneurs in the food sector and articulators of food culture. It is an opportunity to show what is being produced in the city and to mobilize society so that new initiatives are put into practice.

There will be three days of activities with technical programming, show classes, an agroecological fair with more than 15 producers and lots of music to make the atmosphere even more stimulating.

The event will also celebrate 200 years of coffee in Baturité. The milestone will be celebrated with actions from the Heritage Education project “Tem Café na Escola” and will feature the launch of fanzines made by students from the municipal network. From an early age, young people are being encouraged to understand the region’s economy, giving them space to take advantage of the opportunities that the city and coffee foster so that creative ideas can be realized, reinforcing the potential of entrepreneurial education in the region.

The other activities carried out at the event will focus on the entire food chain, including professionals in nutrition, agronomy, economics and researchers, as well as public managers, cooks, educators, producers and unions. It will also feature members of the private sector, supermarkets, certification bodies, public bodies and everyone who has an impact in some way on the trajectory of food for our children in schools. The objective is to open space for discussion and understand how each part of society can contribute to improving the diet of children and young people in the city, considering that cuisine is one of the strong points of Baturité’s economy.

To deal with the chosen theme, professionals from Sweden, Uruguay, Bolivia, São Paulo, Bahia, Brasília and, of course, representatives of the sector from Ceará were invited. They are internationally recognized people for their contributions in the search for a healthy and sustainable diet. Among them, it is possible to mention: Aline Guedes, head chef and researcher of food and commensality in quilombos; Laura Rosano, cook, agroecological producer and national coordinator of the Slow Food Movement in Uruguay; Peter Wrenfelt, economist, geographer and sustainable business consultant at U&We Sweden; and Rita Taraborelli, illustrator and author specializing in vegetarian cuisine, among others.

To make the experience even more unforgettable, the 1st Baturité Gastronomic Fair will also feature musical attractions. From 6 pm to 11 pm, get ready to have fun with the artists Feed Semana, Cabra da Peste, Marcus Lessa, Felipão, the Traditional Group of Accordion Players and the Reisado group Nossa Senhora da Palma, in addition to other attractions.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about and be part of this movement to promote local entrepreneurship. The 1st Gastronomic Festival of Baturité and the 2nd edition of the Ceará Organic Food Festival will take place between the 25th and 27th of November at Praça da Matriz in Baturité.


1st Baturité Gastronomic Festival and 2nd Edition of the Ceará Organic Food Festival

November 25th to 27th

Praça da Matriz de Baturité

From 18:00 to 23:00

@prefeitura. baturite

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