Reme students present literature and art projects developed in schools

The most varied themes were approached, from fairy tales to cordel, from the works of the Modern Art Week to the songbook by Délio and Delinha. – (Photo: Disclosure)

Dance, music, theater, poetry and various presentations marked the closing of the II Liare – Literature and Art in the Municipal Education Network (Reme), held this afternoon at the Centro de Convivência do Idoso Vovó Ziza. The project encourages literary production, reading and the development of various artistic expressions in elementary schools and EMEIs (Municipal Schools of Early Childhood Education).

Organized in stands, students and teachers from 33 school units exhibited the works developed during the school year. The most varied themes were approached, from fairy tales to cordel, from the works of the Modern Art Week to the songbook by Délio and Delinha.

“I always liked working with reading and text production and when I dealt with textual genres, I noticed the students’ interest in cordel literature. This role at school is very important, because outside the school environment, the student would hardly have contact with this type of literature, with this part of Brazilian popular culture”, said Portuguese Language teacher Julieth Milan Albres.

The students’ enthusiasm and resourcefulness in their presentations proved that the incentive work has paid off. Dressed like a typical Northeasterner, student Henrique Romani Maluf Sutil, from the José Dorilêo de Pina Municipal School, happily participated in the project. “First we learned how the cordel is composed and then the teacher encouraged us to write poems about stories and feelings. I had never heard of cordel, but I ended up enchanted. I already enjoyed reading and now I enjoy it even more.”

EMEI Clebe Brazil took ethnic-racial relations and the anti-racist struggle to the event. “We worked on the book ‘Each one with their own way, each way is one!’, by the writer Lucimar Rosa Dias. The objective was to explore the whole story with the children, to discuss in a playful way the pride of color, hair type and differences. Playfulness is a great way to work with literature with little ones who still don’t know how to read”, said kindergarten teacher Sheila Azevedo Ferreira.

For the Municipal Secretary of Education Lucas Henrique Bitencourt, bringing students of all ages closer to literature and the arts is of great importance. “Fostering the incentive to literature and artistic expressions is to guarantee the full development of our students. This closure is the opportunity to ensure the visibility of the work carried out within the school units”.

Although the culmination of the II Liare took place this Wednesday, actions aimed at reading and the arts continue to be developed in schools and Emeis until the end of the school year. To check the events that have already taken place and will still take place in 2022, access the Liare Timeline, available at:

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