Brazil beats Germany’s unbeaten record in the World Cup – 11/28/2022 – Esporte

With the 1-0 victory over Switzerland on the afternoon of this Monday (28), the Brazilian team surpassed Germany’s 16-match unbeaten record in the group stages of the entire history of the World Cup.

The team reached their 17th clash without knowing what it means to lose in the first phase, in six editions of the World Cup. The series began precisely in winning the fifth championship, in the 2002 Cup, in South Korea and Japan.

The last defeat had occurred in the third round of the group stage of the previous World Cup, in France-1998, when the team led by Zagallo lost 2-1 to Norway, with goals from Tore Andre Flo and Rekdal (penalty). Bebeto cashed for Brazil.

Since then, the Brazilian players have gone through the first three games without a hitch, until reaching Qatar, when they overcame Serbia 2-0 in their debut and Switzerland in this second. The record may increase on Friday (2), when the selection faces Cameroon in the last duel before the round of 16.

Germany’s previous mark was conquered from the Italian Cup-1990, when it won the title over Argentina by 1-0, until the first game of South Africa-2010, thrashed by 4-0 over Australia. Afterwards, however, he lost to Serbia by 1 to 0, stopping the sequence.

Brazil series (17 games)

Korea v Japan 2002 (champion)
Brazil 2 x 1 Turkey
Brazil 4 x 0 China
Brazil 5 x 2 Costa Rica

Germany 2006 (Quarterfinals)
Brazil 1 x 0 Croatia
Brazil 2 x 0 Australia
Brazil 4 x 1 Japan

South Africa 2010 (quarter finals)
Brazil 2 x 1 North Korea
Brazil 3 x 1 Ivory Coast
Brazil 0 x 0 Portugal

Brazil-2014 (4th place)
Brazil 3 x 1 Croatia
Brazil 0 x 0 Mexico
Brazil 4 x 1 Cameroon

France 2018 (quarter finals)
Brazil 1 x 1 Switzerland
Brazil 2 x 0 Costa Rica
Brazil 2 x 0 Serbia

Brazil 2 x 0 Serbia
Brazil 1 x 0 Switzerland

Germany series (16 games)

Italy-1990 (champion)
Germany 4 x 1 Yugoslavia
Germany 5 x 1 United Arab Emirates
Germany 1 x 1 Colombia

United States 1994 (Quarterfinals)
Germany 1 x 0 Bolivia
Germany 1 v 1 Spain
Germany 3 x 2 South Korea

France-1998 (quarterfinals)
Germany 2 x 0 United States
Germany 2 x 2 Yugoslavia
Germany 2 x 0 Iran

Korea and Japan-2002 (runner-up)
Germany 8 x 0 Saudi Arabia
Germany 1 x 1 Ireland
Germany 2 x 0 Cameroon

Germany-2006 (3rd place)
Germany 4 x 2 Costa Rica
Germany 1-0 Poland
Germany 3 x 0 Ecuador

South Africa 2010 (3rd place)
Germany 4 x 0 Australia

Germany 0 x 1 Serbia


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