Aqui Happens – Alagoas participates in a meeting with state secretaries of the environment from all over Brazil

03 December 2022 – 21:50

During the 30th of November and the 1st of December, the Secretary for the Environment and Water Resources of Alagoas, Gino César, met with state secretaries of the Environment and presidents of foundations and municipalities throughout the country, in Natal, to the 7th Meeting of the Brazilian Association of Environmental Entities (Abema) and the 110th Ordinary Meeting of Abema.

On Wednesday (30) Gino participated in the meeting of the Consortium of the Northeast, Technical Chamber of the Environment, with the Environmental Secretaries of the Northeastern States, where data on investments that meet the agenda of biodiversity and sustainability were presented. Governments and institutions seek to establish themselves with actions that are responsible for the environment.

“Seeking to align the Consortium’s actions and strengthen it is an important step for governments to be able to act more effectively” highlighted the secretary.

On Thursday (1st), the secretary participated in the 110th Ordinary Meeting of ABEMA, the Brazilian Association of State Environment Entities. On the agenda: Environmental regularization; Evaluation of Brazilian participation in COP 27, in Egypt; The PSA, Payment for environmental services; and the Solid Waste Policy – Recycling Credit.

The meeting was opened by the governor of Rio Grande do Norte, Fátima Bezerra, who pledged to be a spokesperson for the environmental agenda with the transitional government of President Lula.

During the Meeting, the managers approved the submission of the “Carta do Meio Ambiente” to the newly elected President of the Republic, with a series of claims, suggestions and commitments aimed at the country’s environmental area. The document should be delivered to the transition team by the governor of Rio Grande do Norte, Fátima Bezerra.

Managers discussed topics such as solid waste, bringing together advances and challenges to eliminate dumps; RegularizAgro, emphasizing the importance of the Rural Environmental Registry and the performance of the Brazilian Forestry Service; main actions of the Association’s current management and the balance of issues addressed during the 27th United Nations Climate Conference (COP27), which took place in November, in Egypt.

In the first part of the meeting, the challenges of the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), Plant Suppression conducted by the director of Environmental Regularization – Brazilian Forestry Service, Jaine Cubas, were discussed. The plenary took place in a hybrid format, in person and virtually, with representatives from all Brazilian states.

The president of Abema, Mauren Lazzaretti, at the opening of the event, reinforced once again the grandeur of the event. “The ‘Itinerant Abema’ meetings are part of the environmental public policies developed by the states. For this meeting, which is the last of the year, we brought relevant topics to the debate, such as Environmental Licensing, as it is an essential instrument to implement sustainable territories, as well as the strengthening of the Rural Environmental Registry. Today, together, we define the priorities for the next quadrennium and our aspirations and position regarding environmental management directed at the Federal Government”, she clarified.

The associates unanimously approved the letter that will be delivered to the president-elect, Luís Inácio da Silva. In the document, managers call for the improvement and reduction of bureaucracy, expansion of dialogue between environmental agencies and productive sectors for the modernization of regulatory frameworks, among other agendas.

“Participating in the Abema meeting confirms that Alagoas is in line with the national debate regarding the environmental and water resources agenda,” concluded Gino.

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