Braincast 484 – What VAR teaches us about technology and subjectivity • B9

How sensor technologies, cameras, and artificial intelligence trade human interpretation for technicality.

Among the many reasons that the Qatar Cup will go down in history, the “millimetric VAR” is certainly one of the main points of debate. Technology, increasingly refined, has become known for annulling goals, preventing bids and polemicizing with decisions about movements practically invisible to the naked eye. In addition to VAR in football, technology has radically influenced other areas of society, science and even justice. Millimetric decisions, algorithmic biases and other trifles, have been causing great impact and making sensitive decisions, which change directions and lives – often without a way back.

After all, is technology transforming subjectivity? In Braincast 484, Carlos Merigo welcomes Alexandre Maron, Cris Dias, Oga Mendonça and the anthropologist Alana Moraesfor a debate that involves digital innovation, culture, anthropology, communication… and a lot of opinion (after all, as the poet would say, the electronic brain does almost everything).


Guest tips for your week:

  • Alexandre Maron: HQ “As Três Sepulturas” and Fábio Yabu and Fred Rubim.
  • Oga Mendonca: book “You Are Not Invisible” by Lázaro Ramos.
  • Alana Moraes: film “Looking for Eric”.
  • Carlos Merigo: series “What Cup Is This?” (SporTV).
  • Chris Dias: portal; film “Gattaca” and podcast “The Gray Area”.


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