Secretary of Sport and Youth of Aracaju receives honor at the Federal Chamber

This Thursday, the 8th, during a ceremony at the Federal Chamber in Brasília (DF), the Municipal Secretary of Youth and Sport of Aracaju, Sérgio Thiessen, was decorated with the Manoel José Tubino honor, which honors physical education professionals who stood out during the year.

The award has been given since 2015 and was established jointly by the Sports Commission, the Parliamentary Front for Physical Activity for Human Development and the Federal Council of Physical Education, in order to value and recognize the contribution of these professionals to the development of children and young people through sport.

On the occasion, secretary Sérgio Thiessen highlighted his happiness at receiving this recognition, motivated by the work he has been developing ahead of Sejesp and which has a base of many years dedicated to physical education.

“For me, it was a unique moment, of great gratitude. For those who are madly in love with the profession, receiving this honor only fills them with pride and increases the responsibility of returning to Aracaju to continue representing this class that is so dreamy, but also so fulfilling”.

Professionals who receive the honor are nominated by parliamentarians who make up the Sports Commission. Sérgio’s name was indicated by federal deputy Fábio Mitidieri, governor elected by Sergipe, in recognition of the manager’s performance during the year 2022.

“Sérgio Thiessen received this tribute, an honor for his relevant work and services. Since I am an admirer of his work, I could not fail to mention him. The entire physical education community is happy with this honor”, ​​emphasized Fábio Mitidieri during a meeting with the secretary in his office.


Sérgio Thiessen has been ahead of Sejesp since 2020, working to strengthen the sport in the capital Aracaju. This year, among the various actions, its management further stimulated the social inclusion of children, young people and the elderly, with disabilities or not, through the social work carried out at the Citizenship-Sport Station Radialista Carlos Magno, located in the Bugio neighborhood, North zone of the capital, which is maintained by the City Hall of Aracaju; captured more than five national sports events, receiving participants from all over Brazil and other countries, promoting not only sports, but also tourism and the economy; and offered support to the participation of several athletes from Aracaju in national and international competitions.


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