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The story of former Jesuit priest Dr. Alberto Rivera has just hit the screens. Alberto: the Series is available on the Univer Video streaming platform and is based on the comic books that narrate the ex-priest’s trajectory. After he was converted, he exposed the experience and revealed what he discovered, debunking the Roman Catholic system.

Dr. Alberto even told the details of his life as a priest of the Roman Catholic Institution to the cartoonist Jack T. Chick. In Brazil, Alberto magazines were published by Unipro Editora in 2009.

Now, in series format, his story will be shown in 10 episodes, released weekly.

“The Alberto series was produced throughout 2022 with resources that are a great novelty in Brazilian audiovisual production and in Latin America, and we must not stop here. As for 2023, we have great original and exclusive releases, scheduled to offer a highest quality content to our subscribers”, said Paulo Cezar Mendes, one of those responsible for the platform.

For super production, Univer Video used one of the most sophisticated 3D rendering technologies, creating photorealistic visuals and immersive experiences. This was possible with the Unreal Engine platform, associated with the technique of motion capture (motion capture) body and face, to bring an unprecedented level of realism to the segment.

The first episode of Alberto: the Series aired this Sunday (11), with the title “The search for🇧🇷 The chapter tells the story of Tereza, mother of Dr. Alberto, who was the most devout person in the parish. When her son turned 7, she fulfilled her promise and handed him over to the institution so that he could become a priest. Years later, a tragic event caused him to question his beliefs.

Univer Video, launched in 2016, is a streaming platform for the Christian segment, a pioneer in Brazil. The aim is to democratize access to quality content and promote the foundation of traditional family values ​​and Christian principles.

The platform provides more than 10,000 hours of content, which underwent strict curation before being released, which gives more peace of mind to parents who will let their children watch the productions.

See the trailer for Alberto: the Series


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