Opinion: It’s time for anime events to use technology to their advantage

This past weekend, another edition of the event was held in the city of São Paulo Hangover Friendsamong the attractions of the event was the presence of the Japanese producer Tetsuya Watanabe🇧🇷 Watanabe is known for having participated in the production of anime and live action hits such as Naruto, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Monster Rancher, Paradise Kiss, Hikaru no Go, Fullmetal Alchemist, xxxHolic and Yu-Gi-Oh, and on his panel at event had a lot of interesting information about the anime and manga industry.

Among the information spoken by Watanabe, it was revealed that Japanese seiyuu (voice actors) work in voice acting during weekdays, with the possibility of working on weekends at events when necessary, meaning that it is impossible for them to participate in events abroad. This led me to the following question: Why not use technology in favor of events abroad?

Just like voice actors, Japanese mangaka also end up not participating in many events abroad, we know that some of them do not participate for personal safety reasons, others because of work with the publication of their work. We understand these reasons as impediments to them not being able to move to other countries, but, thanks to the many technological developments in recent years, it was possible for communication to become something much more practical to use for many.

Korean author A1 at Anime Friends 2022.

Currently, there are many mobile applications, or programs/websites on the computer, for conducting online conversations and which are used in different ways in the corporate environment for meetings between people in different places. In the field of journalism, technology is used with journalists being able to go live using only a mobile device with an internet connection. Not to mention that currently several movie/series studios have started to hold online junket (interviews) between the vehicles and the artists of their productions. Even in the lives of OtakuPT a website is used that allows people from different locations to join together in the live broadcast.

Events like the san diego comic cona Book Biennial of Rio de Janeiro and the CCXP already held panels in which some of their participants were not present at the venue. In the online edition of san diego comic con in 2021 the mangaka Junji Ito participated in the event online but in a pre-recorded panel, but in the Book Biennial from Rio de Janeiro in 2021, the mangaka participated live online and answered questions from the panel’s mediators and also from the public that was present at the event. already in CCXP 2022 we had in Bento Stage a panel on V-Tuber, with the online presence of some V-Tubers speaking live to the audience present at the event.

Many anime event organizers say that they have difficulties in bringing people from the industry to participate because of the displacement to other countries, but based on previous precedents, I believe that the use of technology is an ingredient that should be explored more incisively within events, with the possibility of bringing more attractions that add to the content of the event and that previously would have been much more difficult to come to the country because of displacement or work issues with their works. This would make it possible to hold panels or masterclasses with mangakas, interviews with voice actors or even chat with producers or people directly linked to anime production speaking directly from Japan.

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