Health insurance performance index is the best since 2013

The National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) released today (23) the result of the Supplementary Health Performance Index (IDSS) 2022, base year 2021. The average score for the sector, weighted by the number of beneficiaries, was 0.8128 , a result 1.74% higher than in 2020. This is the best brand since 2013, both in the medical-hospital and dental segments. According to the ANS, 1 is the highest score and 0 is the lowest.

The results point to a general improvement in the sector after the impact of the first year of the covid-19 pandemic, in 2020, with an increase in the number of operators classified in the best evaluation range (scores above 0.8) and maintenance of the growth trend in the number of beneficiaries in operators with scores between 0.6 and 1.0 (bands 1 and 2).

For the director of Sectorial Development (Dides) of ANS, Maurício Nunes, the disclosure of the sector’s performance in 2021 reflects the period evaluated in a transparent way and allows access to information by society.

The deputy director of Dides, Angélica Carvalho, said that the use of the index as an instrument for evaluating the performance of the Brazilian supplementary health sector “is a strategy with great potential to induce the improvement of the quality of services offered by health plan operators”.

The IDSS annually and compulsorily evaluates all operators operating in the supplementary health market through 33 indicators, classified into four dimensions, which cover the entire scope of operation of a private health plan operator, explains the ANS.

The supplementary health sector is currently responsible for covering about 25% of the Brazilian population. According to data from the Beneficiary Information System calculated in October this year, the sector has 50.2 million beneficiaries linked to plans with medical assistance and 30.5 million to plans with exclusively dental assistance.

In calculating the index, data extracted from the ANS management information systems or collected from national health information systems are used, generating a score for each operator. Last year, 902 operators were evaluated. Of these, 844 met the regulatory requirements for disclosing their final grades to society, made available on the ANS portal.

Operators who disagree with the final results of IDSS 2022 will have until January 9 to file an appeal through e-protocol (digital protocol).


According to ANS, operators can also voluntarily adhere to the application of a satisfaction survey with their beneficiaries. If the technical standards determined by the ANS are followed, the search counts towards the operator’s index in the IDSS.

In the base year 2021, 250 health plan operators carried out the survey according to the ANS model, which represents 68.2% of beneficiaries of the entire sector in the period.

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