Lula will nominate Marina Silva for the Environment; Tebet can keep Cities – 12/23/2022

President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will nominate Marina Silva to lead the Ministry of the Environment again. Marina declined the invitation made by him, this Friday, the 23rd, to occupy the position of National Authority for Climate Security. In a meeting with PT, the deputy elected by the Network said that this role, to be created by the new government, needs to be performed by a technician, and not by someone with a political profile.

Faced with the impasse, Lula once again called Senator Simone Tebet (MDB-MS), with whom he had already spoken in the morning, in an attempt to find a way out. The president-elect wanted the two to work together, with Simone at the helm of the Ministry of the Environment. The proposal had already been presented to the senator on two other occasions by PT president Gleisi Hoffmann.

This time, Simone replied that she would only accept the portfolio if Marina agreed to assume the Climate Authority, which did not happen.

On social media, the elected deputy denied that this was the subject of the meeting with Lula. “I had a good conversation with @LulaOficial about the direction of the country’s socio-environmental policy. I clarify that at the meeting we did not discuss the invitation to assume climate authority, which I defend is a technical position linked to the Ministry of the Environment”, she wrote on Twitter .

So far, the folder that Simone will assume has not been defined. O Estadão found out that, during a flight from Brasília to São Paulo, Lula told her that he could not do without her collaboration in the government. One of the ideas is for the senator to stay with the Ministry of Cities.

The problem is that the folder has already been promised by the president-elect to the MDB bench in the Chamber. For the Senate, the party’s nominee is Renan Filho, former governor of Alagoas, who will be Minister of Transport.

Deputy José Priante (MDB-PA) had been nominated for Cidades, but the governor of Pará, Helder Barbalho, who is his cousin, vetoed the name. The two don’t get along. “I feel flattered to have been remembered by the bench, but every party has its neura. There is always a lot of confusion. There is a colleague of ours who says he only believes in God and the Official Gazette”, said Priante.

Simone was only invited to the Environment after the PT barred her name to head the Ministry of Social Development, handed over to elected senator Wellington Dias (PT), former governor of Piauí.

On social networks, climate organizations criticized the possibility of Simone holding the portfolio, on the grounds that she is linked to agribusiness. It was created until the hashtag #TemQueSerMarina.

The elected deputy was Minister of the Environment in the Lula government, from 2003 to 2008, but left after several clashes with the PT and agribusiness. Then, she left the party and only reconnected with Lula in this campaign, through the hands of Fernando Haddad, the future Minister of Finance. (Wesley Galzo and Daniel Weterman collaborated)

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