Ex-Secretary of Health is convicted of irregularity in renting real estate

The 1st Public Treasury Court of the Federal District condemned the former DF Health Secretary, Rafael de Aguiar Barbosa, his former adviser, Cícero Candido Sobrinho, and the company Agropecuária São Gabriel LTDA, for administrative impropriety. They are accused of committing irregularities in real estate lease contracts by waiving bidding. Rafael was Secretary of Health during the management of Agnelo Queiroz (PT).

According to the process of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the DF and Territories (MPDFT), the accused caused damage of more than R$ 1.2 million to the public coffers. As public agents, Rafael and Cícero would have received bribes to facilitate the unnecessary and overpriced contracting of warehouses for Agropecuária São Gabriel. Still according to the process, the sheds were of no use to the Health Department.

The defendants presented a defense on the grounds that the hires were regular and that they did not receive any type of undue advantage.

However, the judge in charge of the process understood that there was an intention of the accused to harm the DF coffers.

According to the judge, “there are footages that reveal the interaction between Cícero Cândido Sobrinho and the administrator of Agropecuária São Gabriel LTDA., with the delivery of amounts in kind to the former. Such images, together with the testimonies collected, as well as the checks issued in favor of Cícero Cândido Sobrinho and an employee of a company whose management had the participation of Rafael de Aguiar Barbosa, in addition to evidence of a shady relationship between public agents and the managing partner of company evidence the existence of willful misconduct on the part of all the Defendants”.

Therefore, the magistrate recognized that the defendants had committed acts of improbity and sentenced them to the following penalties: full compensation for the damage, in the amount of R$ 1,250,001.66, in the proportion of one third for each, in addition to a civil fine on the same amount and proportion, with interest and monetary correction; ban on contracting with the government or receiving benefits for a period of 8 years; and suspension of political rights for a period of 8 years.

The decision can be appealed. O metropolises tried to contact the defense of the accused, but received no response. The space remains open for demonstrations.

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