With holograms or in the metaverse, how digital has already reinvented the ″live″

There’s nothing like a live concert experience to appreciate the true sound and talent of the performers. This was what was said in the “long ago”. Nowadays…

Twelve million people (12,000,000) gathered in the same Fortnite game space, not to “kill” each other, which is the objective of the game in that virtual world, but to watch Travis Scott’s concert. It was April 2020 and it was the first event of its kind on that platform online. In reality, what users saw was the avatar of rapper – a cartoon-style doll – sometimes the size of a multi-storey building, moving – they believe – reproducing the artist’s gestures. In a way “so realistic” that he teleported at will among the crowd. Through the headphones, they heard the sounds (supposedly) of the streaming in real time of what was being said into the microphone by the performer. The fans, of course, loved it!


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