ABRAPE projects a positive, albeit challenging, 2023 for the culture and entertainment events sector

The culture and entertainment events sector projects a positive 2023. However, there are still challenges to be overcome in order to consolidate the resumption of activities, after a long period of stoppage caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

“The segment’s impact on the Brazilian economy throughout this year has shown our great capacity to quickly generate jobs and revenue, as the country needed. However, it is essential to strengthen the Emergency Program for the Resumption of the Events Sector (PERSE)which has been essential for the survival and support of companies in the post-crisis scenario”, points out the businessman Doreni Caramori Júnior, president of the Brazilian Association of Event Promoters (ABRAPE).

Doreni Caramori Júnior, president of the Brazilian Association of Event Promoters (ABRAPE).

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O PERSE it was the only Federal Government program directed at a sector of the economy created during the pandemic and which encompasses a set of five laws. They cover five important points for the segment: debt refinancing, credits for the survival of companies, tax relief, maintenance of jobs and conditions for postponing and canceling activities.

At the moment, the priorities are to safeguard and disseminate the benefits of the program. The critical period of the pandemic has passed, but companies are still suffering the effects of the long shutdown period.

“It is always important to remember that we were the most affected sector: the first to stop and the last to return. As much as the perception is that everything is back to normal, with crowded events and being successful, companies in the segment will still take some time to make up for lost time. That’s where support comes in. PERSE. There are also side effects that persist, such as a lack of skilled labor. During the crisis, many professionals had to resort to other activities to survive, as we were completely paralyzed, unlike other segments that had the benefit of flexibility”, he explains. Doreni.

But where does the optimism for 2023 come from?

the president of ABRAPE mentions the positive performance of the sector of the segment, which involves 52 economic activities, in the growth rates of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) throughout the year.

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), GDP grew by 0.4% in the third quarter of 2022, compared to the previous quarter, influenced by the results of the service sectors (1.1%), responsible for approximately 70% of the economy.

“It is a result superior to that of industry, for example, which grew by 0.8%. They are event promoters that are investing in activities throughout the country, involving tour operators, bars and restaurants, general services, private security, accommodation, among other areas, and boosting the country’s GDP upwards, for having an above average performance. . It is important to highlight the social character of this evolution, as it generates jobs quickly and benefits cities and regions far from the big capitals that have their entire economy related to events”, reinforces Doreni Caramori Junior.


With the help of PERSE, the performance of the sectoral hub of culture and entertainment events ends the year positively in terms of job creation. Between January and October 2022, 254,450 new jobs were created, accumulating a stock of 3,579,065 opportunities as a whole in Brazil. With that, in the sector, there are 72,634 more jobs than in 2019, a growth of 2%. In highlight, the bars and restaurants reached 11,937 vacancies.

Furthermore, of the 2,306,882 jobs created in Brazil between January and October, 254,450 came from the sectorial hub and 15,756 from the events sector. Thus, representing 11% and 0.7% respectively the relative participation of the sector in the generation of jobs in the country.

“Therefore, for 2023, our goals are focused on consolidating the achievements of the PERSE and, gradually, to return to the same results that the sector presented before the pandemic. But, as I said, there are still challenges to be overcome, such as the economic recovery of companies and labor”, concludes the president of ABRAPE.

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