Partnership between City Hall and companies brings art and color to pillars in Novo Hamburgo – Novo Hamburgo

In the last week of 2022, four pillars of the train stopped being gray in the Rio Branco neighborhood, in Novo Hamburgo, and started to give more color to the surroundings of the tracks. With them, the city starts the new year with 141 pillars adopted through a project between City Hall and private companies. The initiative to adopt public space was published in public notice 05/2022 in September last year and still has 87 places available for adoption.

Train pillars in NH
Photo: Disclosure

The last contemplated places received art from Rafael Jung, Welingson Nosg and Raul Jung Júnior. For the designs, the artists were inspired by the colors of Unimed, the company that adopted the spaces. “In a meeting, they told me the company’s purposes and I worked with Unimed’s colors and with the idea that they wanted to pass on health, well-being, nature, sport and medicine”, explains Jung.

According to the artist, he has already painted almost 30 pillars along the length of the train since the beginning of the project, which is a partnership between the City Hall and companies. “I am very happy to be carrying out this pillar project. Being from Hamburg and being able to beautify my city, seeing the smiles of people passing by and thanking me for making Novo Hamburgo more beautiful is priceless. We are creating an art route in our city. these four [pilares]we started on the 14th of December and ended on the 28th”, reinforces the artist.

The objective is for companies to engage with the proposal in partnership with the Municipal Secretariat of Public Works, Urban and Road Services (Semopsu). “This partnership is very important for the Municipality, as it reinforces the feeling of belonging, responsibility and awareness for having a better city”, highlights the head of Semopsu, Greyce da Luz.

Rafael Jung (L) from right Welingson (R)

Rafael Jung (L) from right Welingson (R)
Photo: Disclosure

According to the announcement, the adoption of these spaces can be done by companies, social service clubs, neighborhood associations, class entities and others, with the adoption of the same public space being allowed by more than one entity, forming a consortium . Interested parties must submit documentation described in the notice.
According to Greyce, the first set of thirteen pillars were adopted by Tintas Killing, in 2019, with the old notice. By the first week of January 2023, 141 pillars had been adopted, with 87 sites released for adoption.

Color by Mai Bavoso

Visual artist Mai Bavoso was also part of the group that created traces and colors on the pillars of the structure of subway stations. Bavoso was the artist chosen by Fenac Centro de Eventos e Negócios to give life to two pillars adopted by the company through his art.

Since 1983, the artist has had a very strong connection with the footwear industry. He painted the ‘Pé de Moleque’, Fenac’s first symbol, on one of the pilasters, and colored pumps on the other.

The São Paulo artist adopted São Leopoldo as his second home. Bavoso has an atelier in Lomba Grande and currently circulates between Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

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