Science and Technology: research grants are not handouts, says minister

Luciana Santos took office this Monday (2/1) as Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI). She is the first woman to assume the position and highlighted, in her speech, the fight for the portfolio’s budget recomposition and the valorization of national research.

“We will also work to update research grants from CNPq and Capes, which, linked to the Ministry of Education, is essential in the formation of human capital. Research grants cannot be treated as alms, but as an investment in the country’s future”, emphasized the national president of the PCdoB.

Unlike other former ministers of the Jair Bolsonaro (PL) government, who, like the former president, did not attend the inauguration ceremonies of the new occupants of the first echelon of the government, former minister Paulo Alvim was present. The collaborative work of transition was highlighted and the previous holder of the portfolio presented the new minister with the Order of Scientific Merit medal.

Luciana is committed to “building public policies to attract interest and enable our young people’s access to universities and research institutes, ensuring that girls and women have guaranteed spaces in scientific and technological careers”. She also praised the public universities, where most of the research in the country is carried out.

“Contrary to what is said, the university is not a place of turmoil, it is a place of knowledge and development”, he highlighted.

The minister committed to the full implementation of the National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FNDCT) and to suspend the liquidation of the Center of Excellence in Advanced Electronic Technology (Ceitec), which produces semiconductors and chips.

The new holder mentioned different priorities of national programs to “leverage the country’s capacity in strategic areas”, such as information technologies, energy transition, space program, nanotechnology and the nuclear program, in addition to the sustainable exploitation of the biodiversity of the Amazon region.


Luciana Santos highlighted the responsibility of being the first woman to assume the MCTI. “I hope this example inspires many others, just as the example of Berta Lutz, biologist and feminist, and many other women in the most diverse areas inspired us at other times,” she said.

“This administration will honor the thousands of women who produce and research in this country and their fight for respect, inclusion and appreciation. This management will honor the anti-racist struggle and the struggle of black people for space in graduate school and in the field of research. It will honor this entire contingent of researchers who do their best to continue here on Brazilian soil, producing and building national intelligence”, she highlighted.

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