A Portuguese salute that went around the world

The saga of the pearl “La Peregrina” is well known to the public, since it was removed from the bottom of the Caribbean sea in the 16th century, until it reached, more than 400 years later, the neckline of Elizabeth Taylor. But this route, full of adventures, mysteries and dramatic moments, is not the only case in the “life” of objects whose real and symbolic value made them very coveted by various personalities, at different times. Among us, the Manueline silver salver that arrived at the Royal Treasury Museum in May, as part of a set of pieces acquired by the Portuguese State, has a Romanesque history, which, at various times, accompanies and illustrates various passages of History itself. from Portugal.

Who tells the DN is the antique dealer and gallery owner Mário Roque, who sold it to the Ministry of Culture: “This salver is part of a set of 23 pieces that King D. José acquired after the Lisbon earthquake, in which it was lost all the contents of Paço da Ribeira, which was incalculably rich. Today we know that there were even silver chairs.” Placed in such a need by the tragedy of November 1, 1755, the monarch acquired a set of pieces of apparatus, to be used in the protocol ceremonies of the Court, even if this was provisionally installed in what the people of Lisbon, with their usual verve , called “Real Barraca”.


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