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Fifty world-renowned professors at academies, music conservatories and orchestras around the world travel to pellets to share their knowledge at the 11th Sesc International Music Festival. One of the biggest concert music events in Latin America, the initiative takes place between the 16th and 27th of this month, bringing together about 350 scholarship students from several Brazilian states and other Latin American countries who will have music classes with specialists in instruments such as violin, viola, cello, among others.

In addition to Brazil, guest professors come from the United States, China, Chile, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Russia, Belarus and Japan. Italian violinist Emmanuele Baldini is one such specialist. The award-winning artist, who has performed in various parts of the world, is a spalla of the São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra, principal conductor of the Tatuí Conservatory Symphony Orchestra and an old acquaintance of the event. Guest professor in the first edition, he participated in nine of the previous ten years, having skipped only the 2014 edition, which coincided with his wedding date. “It was very special to see it born and, even more special, to see it grow in importance and quality. The Festival has achieved international relevance and I have followed this year after year”, he highlights.

Between the 16th and 27th, Baldini will be leading the violin class, which had 35 scholarship holders selected. He says he is excited about the prospect of not only teaching, but also learning from students and other colleagues. “There is no teacher who transmits knowledge and experiences to the student without learning anything, it is a mutual enrichment”, he comments. “The music world is always evolving and this constant exchange is very beneficial and is the main reason why I come back every year”, he adds.

Opportunity to show ways

Douglas Gutjahr, who participated in all editions and will return, once again, to work with the percussion group, also shares this feeling. “For me, the Festival represents the opportunity to show students paths and tools that, many times, are not part of their study universe, but which are important for their professional growth”, he underlines. “In the same way, it is a wonderful opportunity for me to meet other young musicians and leave motivated for the new year of work that begins. This motivation is what makes me want to return every year, always with the same energy that I arrived at first edition.”

A Brazilian born in Santa Catarina, Gutjahr is a Solo Timpanist at the Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra (OSPA), studying for a Master’s degree in Music at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and has already been chosen Best Erudite Instrumentalist at the Açorianos de Música Award in 2016. “I’m sure that the 2023 edition will be another beautiful moment in the history of festivals, filled with extremely high quality music, good energy, many teachings, learning and a lot of information exchange”, projects the artist.

Among the teachers who will be present, there is also the artistic director of the International Schools Choral Music Society, Robert G. Hasty; violin professor at Columbia College in Chicago, Yang Liu; the head of section at the Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra, Joana Cipriano; former member of the First Women’s Orchestra of Austria, Ana Valéria Poles; the Doctor of Music from the University of Georgia, Fernando Deddos; and the winner of the Young Artist Series competition, in Taiwan, Olivia Tsai, among dozens of others.

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