Health Department conducts training on human sporotrichosis

Aiming to offer a better professional qualification, the Municipal Secretary of Health of João Pessoa (SMS) is accepting registrations for the training course on ‘Surveillance and Clinical Management of Human Sporotrichosis’. Registration is done online and to access the form just click on the link.

According to the Directorate of Health Surveillance (DVS), the training will take place on the 12th, from 1 pm to 5 pm, in the auditorium of the University Hospital Lauro Wanderley (HULW). The objective of the course, whose target audience is professionals who work in health units, hospitals and District and Hospital Surveillance Centers, is to provide guidance to professionals with regard to flows and conducts regarding suspected or confirmed cases of human sporotrichosis .

Raquel Moraes, director of Health Surveillance at the SMS, emphasized that the correct diagnosis of this disease is essential for the treatment and control of the disease, minimizing the risk of transmitting the infection to other individuals. “It is essential that the training of health professionals, in terms of zoonotic transmission sporotrichosis, continues to advance here in the Capital. This is due to the importance of being educated about clinical care, treatment and surveillance, in order to prevent outbreaks of the disease. The lack of information about treatment and care after the death of animals and the large population volume are major contributors to the disease spreading at alarming levels, ”she stressed.

Course – The training will be divided into two moments. The first is focused on diagnosis and clinical management, taught by infectologist Francisco Bernardino. The second is related to the epidemiological scenario and flow, a topic that will be addressed by Kézia Raquel, a professional who makes up the Capital Epidemiological Surveillance team.

What is it – Human sporotrichosis is a subcutaneous mycosis that appears when the fungus of the genus Sporothrix enters the body through a skin wound. Symptoms of sporotrichosis appear after contamination of the fungus on the skin. The development of the initial lesion is very similar to that of an insect bite, and may progress to spontaneous healing. In more serious cases, for example, when the fungus affects the lungs, coughing, shortness of breath, pain when breathing and fever may appear.


Training course on Surveillance and Clinical Management of Human Sporotrichosis;

Date: January 12th

Time: from 1pm to 5pm

Place: University Hospital Lauro Wanderley – UFPB;

Information: 3214-7938 or 3214-7975


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