36-question quiz covers past three years and household – Economics

The questions are contained in an annex that is part of the Council of Ministers resolution approved today, which the Lusa agency had access to.

The 36 questions are divided into five areas – current and past activities, impediments and conflicts of interest, property situation, tax situation and criminal responsibility – and respond to situations that have recently led to dismissals in the Government.

For example, in questions 13 and 14, the person invited must answer whether, yes or no, “he/she exercised, in the last three years, functions in public entities or in which the State has a relevant position” and if, in the same period, “he/she was a beneficiary of any type of financial incentive or tax incentive, of a contractual nature, granted by a national or European Union public entity”.

In the event of an affirmative answer, he must indicate “what function he held and in which entity” and “what was the reason for the cessation of function, and whether, due to that cessation, he received any type of compensation that, in view of the appointment to the position that is proposed, must return, in whole or in part”, as well as “the benefit granted; the origin of the benefit granted; as well as the entity that granted the benefit”.

In the part of the patrimonial situation, it asks about the income of national origin — referring to the last IRS declaration — but also if “it has income of foreign origin” and “bank accounts based abroad”, to determine possible recourse to tax havens .

If so, it is necessary to indicate “the respective origin, in particular if such income comes from countries, territories or regions with a clearly more favorable tax regime, as well as the paying entity” and also “the origin of the income underlying the acquisition of that asset “.

In terms of criminal liability, anyone invited to exercise government functions must inform of the convictions “for any criminal or administrative infraction” of which they have been the target personally and also of the convictions applied to the legal person whose bodies they integrate or integrate or that they have managed or detained. .

According to a government source, this question covers fines from the Securities Market Commission (CMVM) or the Bank of Portugal.

Also in this chapter, the question is asked if the candidate “has any type of judicial, administrative or disciplinary proceeding pending in which he/she is directly or indirectly (involving any of the members of his household) involved” and also if he “is aware that any situation in which, directly or indirectly, he has been involved is subject to criminal investigation”.

Other questions are whether “it is insolvent” and whether “any company in which it held share capital and/or was a director in the last three years is insolvent”.



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