‘I think BBB is much more than entertainment’, says Gabriel Santana

The ninth Cabin of the “BBB23” revealed was the actor Gabriel Santana, who is 23 years old and was born in the capital of São Paulo. He began to participate in commercials at the age of ten and played his first role in a children’s telenovela at 13, when he became known to the public. On TV Globo, he participated in the series “Carcereiros” (2017), in “Malhação: Toda Forma de Amar” (2019) and did his most recent work as Renato in the remake of “Pantanal” (2022).

He also has works in cinema and theater. He took many courses in the field and graduated with a BA in Performing Arts. This year, he completes ten years of career. “I’m very proud of my trajectory”, he said about the work. He identifies himself not only as an actor, but as an artist, more broadly. Having written a lot, he also considers himself a poet and wants to be a screenwriter. He risks singing, dancing and playing the guitar.

Gabriel claims to be loving, caring and a great listener. He claims that he tries to remain calm in any situation. At the club, which he likes to go to in his spare time, he says he is the liveliest of the group. Off the slopes, he enjoys video games and RPG games. “I am a very complex person. I’m the guy you’ll meet at six in the morning at a bar, but I’m also the guy who’ll be playing role-playing games with his nerdy friends all night,” he reflected.

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In addition, he claims to be very competitive and likes to feel challenged. Being lazy and “hard-headed” are defects pointed out by the actor that can bother the other prisoners. The man from São Paulo jokes that he would be very disappointed if he didn’t kiss anyone on ‘Big Brother Brasil’.

His family has the ritual of watching reality together and Gabriel always imagined himself participating in the program. “I think the BBB is much more than entertainment”, evaluated Gabriel Santana, who says he accepted the invitation at the same time he was called.

“BBB23” is hosted by Tadeu Schmidt, produced by Mariana Mónaco, artistically directed by Rodrigo Dourado and genre directed by Boninho. The reality series premieres on January 16.

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