MMA budget recomposes half a billion and returns to pre-Bolsonaro values

The budget of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MMA) for 2023 will have R$ 550 million more than that proposed by Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the Budget Bill sent to the National Congress. The budget expansion, which represents an increase of 18.6% in relation to the original value of the proposal, was possible due to the work of the transition team of the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). With that, the resources allocated to the MMA and its autarchies should reach R$ 3.5 billion, an amount equivalent to what was invested in the body before Bolsonaro came to power.

The Annual Budget Bill approved by the Legislature was sanctioned by the Presidency this Tuesday (17) and transformed into Law No. 14,535/2023. The vetoes did not affect the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

The initial amount of the budget provided for in the Annual Budget Law Project (PLOA) for the environmental agency and its municipalities was R$ 2,963,602,794. The budget expansion, achieved with the budget rapporteur, guaranteed resources for the resumption of important programs, such as the Bolsa Verde, and extra investments in essential actions of the portfolio, such as monitoring and combating deforestation and fires.

Paralyzed in the last year of the Michel Temer (MDB) government, in 2018, due to the fiscal crisis in the country, Bolsa Verde received R$ 200 million to be invested in 2023. The program, managed by the direct administration of the portfolio, helps families in situation of extreme poverty encouraging practices to protect the environment.

At Ibama, the environmental control and inspection work was recomposed (Action 214N), which will have R$ 130 million more to be carried out in 2023. As a result, the budget foreseen for such action goes from R$ 231.5 million to R$ $361.5.

“This is a very high allocation for inspection by Ibama”, says Suely Araújo, former president of the autarchy who helped with the work of the transition team. Currently, Suely serves as a senior specialist in public policy at the Climate Observatory.

Still at Ibama, another action that gained extra resources was the Prevention and Control of Forest Fires in Priority Federal Areas (Action 214M), whose budget increased from 38 million to R$ 83 million – R$ 45 million more from the amendments suggested and negotiated by the transition team.

At ICMBio, additional amounts will be paid for work on Environmental Inspection and Prevention and Combat of Forest Fires (Action 214P) – from R$ 70 million to R$ 114 million; and activities to Support the Creation and Implementation of Federal Conservation Units (Action 20WM), whose initial value was R$ 145.5 million and, with the recomposition, increases to R$ 225.7 million.

Among the projects of the direct administration of the MMA, had their resources recomposed:

– Action 21A9 – Implementation of Programs, Plans and Actions to Improve Urban Environmental Quality, whose initial value was only R$ 3.3 million, but which should receive around R$ 40 million after the recomposition (amendments proposed by the team of transition and others);

– 20VY Action – Implementation of Citizenship and Environmental Education Actions, whose estimated value in the PLOA was only 520 thousand, but which should receive R$ 5.3 million (amendments of the transition team and others);

– Action 20VQ – Socio-environmental Management in Territories of Traditional Peoples and Communities and Family Farmers, there was no provision in the PLOA 2023, but, with the suggested amendments, it should receive R$ 4 million;

– Action 8288 – Recovery of Vegetation Coverage in Degraded Areas, not foreseen in PLOA 2023, but which should receive R$ 5 million;

– Action 20M8 – Implementation of the Action Plan for Sustainable Production and Consumption (PPCS), not foreseen in the PLOA 2023, but which should receive R$ 2 million;

– Action 20W2 – Confronting Desertification, Mitigation and Adaptation to the Effects of Drought Processes, not foreseen in PLOA 2023, but which should receive R$ 5 million; and

– Action 4641 – Public Utility Advertising, there was no forecast in the PLOA 2023, but should receive R$ 2 million.

In addition to the actions mentioned above in the Direct Administration of the MMA and its autarchies Ibama and ICMBio, extra resources are also foreseen for Action 20WA – Registration, Recomposition and Forestry Production, carried out by the Brazilian Forestry Service (SFB).

Responsible for managing the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), the SFB was transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture during the Bolsonaro government, but returned to the MMA in the current administration. The CAR support action earned an additional R$14 million, totaling R$26.5 million in 2023.

“The effort of the transition team to increase budgetary resources in the Ministry of the Environment and its municipalities was very successful. The R$550 million will help the government both in environmental inspection and in the prevention and control of forest fires in priority areas, as well as in the resumption of important programs such as Bolsa Verde. It is extremely relevant to ensure the execution of these resources during this year, the government will need to demonstrate agility in this regard. This advance in the field of budget allocation must be added to the fact that expenses with socio-environmental projects or related to climate change funded with resources from donations have been placed as an exception to the rule of spending ceiling, by Constitutional Amendment nº 126, also negotiated by leaders transition”, celebrates Suely Araújo. “There will be enough resources to act on environmental policy, this is the perspective presented. Personally, I miss the forecast of resources for holding a public tender, still in 2023, aimed at hiring environmental analysts and administrative analysts for existing vacancies in federal environmental agencies, which exceed 2,000. The lack of personnel is one of the main problems to be solved”, she analyzes.

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