Apple: tech giant manages to avoid wave of layoffs that shakes competitors

Recently, news reporting waves of layoffs at big names in the tech industry like Google, are becoming common; however, one competitor is seeing positive results during this troubled period: the apple. Among the reasons given for the good results, the moderation in new hires stands out, even in periods when the technology sector expanded rapidly.

Among the reasons given for the good results obtained, the moderation in new hires stands out, even in periods when the technology sector expanded rapidly.

Big competitors like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Google, face a troubled start to the year, in which several waves of massive layoffs are needed. The apple, in 2022, had to lay off 100 professionals in the recruitment sector, but the decision only pointed to a possible slowdown in investments during the unstable world economic scenario.

It is worth noting that the good iphone sales also helped during this period. Smartphone sales increased 9.7% on the last balance sheet. Combining this feature with moderation in new hires, perhaps this is the secret to the giant’s success.

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Other relevant aspects of the positive results reaped by Apple

According to a survey by the Wall Street Journal (based on the balance sheets of the companies involved), the apple increased the workforce between September 2019 and September 2022 by 20%. THE amazonin turn, increased the frame by 100%, while the Facebook expanded by 94%, the Google by 57% and the Microsoft by 53%.

Amazon, on the other hand, grew the board by 100%, while Facebook expanded by 94%, Google by 57% and Microsoft by 53%.

During the context created by the pandemic and social isolation, these investments were necessary. Dan Ivesfrom the American consultancy Wedbush, through a note, explained: Tech companies had to spend like ’80s rockstars to keep up with demand.

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the enthusiasm with the new hires it did not last for long and, in addition to the rise in inflation and interest rates, the multinationals saw their services slow down substantially, culminating in the results explained in this article.

The policy adopted by the creator of the iPhone is not exclusive to the current management. Managers last faced the feared mass layoffs in 1997, an extremely troubled period, which Steve Jobs urgently needed to cut costs on its return to avoid bankruptcy.

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