Negligence exposes health weaknesses at the Luso medical center

Parish of Luso, thermal and tourist destination in central Portugal, is practically without Health Extension. Complaints from users are repeated, as consultations are increasingly difficult. The clinical picture of the Health Extension is worse than the pandemic. Incomprehensible for a territory known nationally and internationally for thermalism. For all these reasons, a meeting is scheduled for next Monday, January 30th, at 10:30 am, at the Luso Health Extension.

The community of the Parish of Luso is increasingly dissatisfied due to the difficulties it has had in accessing consultations, both in terms of medicine and in terms of nursing. If there was already a very serious problem with the lack of family doctors, which has persisted for several years, now nursing care is also scarcer.

On the other hand, and in view of the recent openings and closings of the Health Extension, only opening in the mornings on Mondays and Wednesdays, that is, without decent hours and according to the interests of those who are responsible for this clinical unit in Luso , it is of capital importance to denounce this scourge that plagues the community.

It should be noted that the Luso Health Extension is the most recent in the municipality of Mealhada, the result of the efforts of the Municipality and the Parish Council of Luso, but due to the negligence of those in charge, more than half of the population is without a family doctor , after a clinical professional passes retirement.

However, the retired doctor was willing to persevere in his position in the Health Extension and said he would remain at work until he was replaced. A gesture that highlights his professionalism on behalf of those who need it most.

However, his will was not accepted, causing immediate insecurity around the population, especially the elderly, the most needy, naturally extending to the Social Center Comendador Melo Pimenta, the School Center and the variable community that visits us , the aquistas.

Inexplicable is the fact that all professionals are currently receiving overtime allowances for a service that is not seen, not even during opening hours, as well as meeting the needs of those who need the health unit in Luso.

For all this, the population of the Parish of Luso demands to revert the open consultation to, again, be in the county seat, mealhada; replacement of doctors, nurses and administrative staff; the opening from Monday to Friday as previously existed; create added value in supporting populations, especially the elderly and needy.

The users of the Parish of Luso see the theme of the functioning of the Health Extension as unavoidable in the life of a community that cannot, and should not, be seen as second-hand. For all these reasons, a meeting is scheduled for next Monday, January 30th, at 10:30 am, at the Luso Health Extension.

The population of the Parish of Luso is invited to be present at this rally, in order to defend the Health Center so that it can be opened full time again and with all the valences.

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