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In periods of intense heat, the need for hydration increases. The minimum two liters of daily water consumption, recommended in various wellness “booklets”, are no longer enough to guarantee adequate replenishment in the middle of summer, especially if the routine involves some physical activity.

Attentive to this demand, brands specialized in bringing more beauty and practicality to everyday life create solutions that combine aesthetics, functionality and technology for the home. Oslaine Bandeira, marketing and branding manager for the Deca and Hydra brands, highlights how simple changes can facilitate the consumption of purified water, without the need to compromise bench spaces with standard filters.

“A single product can provide access to water for hygiene, food preparation and filtered water for hydration. With a simple water entry point and independent outlets, faucets with Carbon Block technology, which eliminates impurities, up to 75% of chlorine and keeps only the necessary fluorine and mineral salts, guarantee purification, optimizing the quality of water for consumption” , reveals.

For those who like to maintain a personal touch in decoration, colored finishes in metal by Deca and in plastic by Hydra meet different standards and project profiles, expanding the possibilities for decorating kitchens. “The pieces have the filter in their structure, without the filtering mechanism interfering with the product’s design. With this, both the aesthetics and the useful space of the bench are maintained, as well as the safety of always having purified and healthy water within reach”, he highlights.

About Dexco

At Dexco, we believe that environments are meant to be lived. For this, through our brands – Deca, Portinari, Hydra, Duratex, Ceusa, Durafloor and Castelatto – we offer solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality, promoting comfort and well-being. Here, we believe that we play an important role in society and, since the beginning of our trajectory, environmental, social and governance issues have guided our discussions about the company’s future. We are a Brazilian, private and publicly traded company, controlled by Itaúsa – Investimentos Itaú SA – and by Bloco Seibel. Headquartered in São Paulo, we have 22 strategically located industrial and forestry units (States of Minas Gerais, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, Sergipe and São Paulo), in addition to three panel factories in Colombia – Dexco Colombia. We are also ahead of LD Celulose, through a joint venture with the Lenzing Group and Caetex, a joint venture created for the planting of eucalyptus forests in Alagoas. Our shares are listed on the Novo Mercado (the highest standard of Corporate Governance) and on the 2019/2020 version of the B3 – ISE.


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