Bruno Gagliasso is moved by artwork inspired by his son Bless on display in Madrid | celebrities

This Wednesday (1) ended with a lot of emotion for Bruno Gagliasso. That’s because the 40-year-old actor, who currently lives on an airlift between Rio de Janeiro and Madrid, Spain, saw first-hand the exhibition of Brazilian artist Maxwell Alexandre in the Spanish capital. Entitled “New Power: Passability”, the show, which opens this Thursday, features a panel inspired by Bless, Bruno’s son with actress and presenter Giovanna Ewbank.

“I’ve been a fan of Maxwell Alexandre for a long time. I follow his beautiful and sensitive ability to translate the subtleties and beauties of the black Brazilian people with deep admiration. His works translate freedom and beauty. Black men, women and children. Alive, free, creative, in motion. A work that only enhances,” began Bruno, who shared a video of his reaction to the work on his Instagram. “Created from Rocinha, Maxwell Alexandre takes and elevates Brazilian art to the world. And despite knowing his projects, I was not prepared for his exhibition here in Madrid.”

“As soon as I arrived, I was taken by all the grandeur and strength of his works. When I met him, I received a rather unusual question: ‘Did you come because of Bless?’ beautiful panel inspired by my son. I don’t know how to describe the emotion I felt. Just remembering the moment, all that fascination returns even more strongly. My eyes shone, in a mixture of joy, pride, tears and laughter”, continued the actor. “Seeing an artist I admire so much give so much meaning to Bless was something that deeply impacted me.”

“Deep down, my desire was to buy that work immediately. Exhibit it at home with all the pomp. But that would disfigure all the power. Bless is represented there to tell other black boys and girls: we exist, we are strong, we are necessary and beautiful. The boy on that panel is not ‘just’ my son. He is every black boy. Every adult who, as a child, did not see himself in spaces dedicated to the arts. Bless is the inspiration, the starting point. The transformations generated in the public are that are the great end result of the work. Thank you for this moment, Maxwell. Thank you Bless for being my son”, concluded the actor.

“New Power: Passability” is Mawell’s first exhibition on Spanish soil. The show opens this Thursday (2) at the La Casa Encendida cultural center.

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