Manaus hosts 1st Environment and Sustainability Forum in the Amazon and 1st Carbon Neutral Forum


The objective is to debate the importance of the Amazon for the world ecosystem, as well as the obstacles faced with deforestation.

Manaus simultaneously hosts the 1st Environment and Sustainability Forum in the Amazon and the 1st Carbon Neutral Forum, between the 14th and 15th of March.

Organized by the FRG Mídias & Eventos Group, in partnership with the Atlantic Forest Integrated Reforestation Project (PRIMA), both Forums will take place simultaneously at the Vasco Vasques Convention Center, located at Av. Constantino Nery, 5001, Flores. The objective is to debate the importance of the Amazon for the world ecosystem, as well as the obstacles faced with deforestation and also the importance of developing actions aimed at Carbon Neutral by society.

Ricardo Harduim, specialist at the PRIMA Project, says that reflecting on the Brazilian and global climate scenario is extremely important from now on, since we are experiencing a serious climate crisis due to excess carbon emissions in the atmosphere. For him, both forums are meant to bring together the main players in the sector and thus find viable solutions to the problem.

“Today, those who suffer most from extreme weather events are people from the most vulnerable communities. So what are the adaptation strategies. Adaptation is the terminology the UN uses to determine how governments, such as cities, can prepare to protect their people, their communities from weather events. How will this definition and financial support reorganization take place. So this kind of debate the Forums will offer”,

explains Ricardo Harduim

Events will be held at the Vasco Vasques Convention Center – Photo: Disclosure

Who also comments on the subject is Tiago Fraga, CEO of the FRG Group. He points out that both forums are very significant with regard to innovation, technology and sustainability for Brazil.

“The Forum is actually a carbon neutral event, we zero emissions through neutralization, and we understand that the Amazon is the ideal place for the event, as it is the largest concentration of biodiversity, of life as a whole. We believe that debating the future of sustainability, renewable energies and everything related to a life focused on the preservation of natural resources has everything connected to this event that will be held in the Amazon”, says Fraga.

Organized over two days, the events will have the support of researchers, doctors and academic institutions who will explain with data the need to conserve forest wealth, as well as the importance of the necessary ecosystem rebalancing to ensure the quality of life on the planet.

Both forums will have an intense schedule, where lectures and conversations will take place over the course of the days in order to provide an immersion on sustainability issues, socio-economic and environmental issues, in addition to involving the various actors with a focus on technological solutions and innovative with regard to the Amazon.

In addition, numerous initiatives will be presented for a strategic vision of certified carbon offsetting companies such as carbon offsetting, green business, certifications, climate education, public policies, voluntary market and carbon regulation.

It is worth remembering that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that the planet’s temperature has already increased by 1.2 °C in recent years and curbing global warming is essential to prevent environmental catastrophes. In addition, deforestation in the Amazon has reached very high levels, where the debate for the preservation of the area is necessary.

The Environment and Sustainability in the Amazon and Carbon Neutral forums are aimed at all those who aim to discuss the importance of the Amazon for the world, as well as seek to implement a methodology for mitigating and offsetting GHG – Greenhouse Gases to demonstrate to society the its commitment towards sustainability and a society with climate justice.

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